Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 15th May 2021 Written Update: Surya irritates Pankaj

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 15th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya telling that he has come to know if Anu will come to the office or not. Subu asks Anu if she’s going to the office. Pushba intervenes and says that she will go to the office else she will torture her sitting at home. Subu assures Surya that Anu will go to the office today. Surya smiles and leaves. Pushba asks Anu to get ready for office.

Ramya calls it out Anu. Anu says that this is the power of their love. She adds that age doesn’t matter. Anu then thanks Ramya for giving this challenge as it helped her to clear all her doubts. She waves bye and leaves. Anu finds Surya waiting for her. She asks what he’s still doing. Surya says that he missed her. He adds that he’s waiting to pick her lover up and no one can question. Anu asks why he switched off his mobile. Surya says that he kept getting lot of messages, so he switched off it, so that he can have some peaceful moment. Anu asks with whom. Surya says with her lover in the dream land. Anu says that she will get angry if he switches off the phone. She feels like he’s avoiding her. Vansh assures Anu that he won’t switch off the phone hearefter.

Anu and Surya are on the way to the office. Anu asks how Pankaj is able to contact him even when his phone is switched off and asks if he has another number. Surya says that Pankaj will either call in the landline or will come to his house. Anu says that she can’t come to his house, but he can call him in the landline. Surya alerts Anu that there’s chances for for his mother will receive her calls and may get doubt. She can question him about his relationship with her. Anu reminds Surya about their deal and says that she won’t contact him in the landline.

Anu sees a bangle shop and asks Surya to pull over. Anu wishes to get bangles. Surya buys the bangles for Anu. The latter tries the bangles and says that he might’ve got wrong size. Surya tries to make her wear the bangles. Anu asks him not press the bangles too hard else it will break and it considers as a bad omen. Surya gets tensed. He says that he will find a solution and will make her wear the bangles tomorrow.

Surya comes to the office. He tries the bangles in his own hand and thinks maybe he really bought a small size. He wonders what to do. He calls Pankaj to his cabin. After a while Pankaj comes to Surya’s cabin. Surya shows the bangles and says that he’s going to practice by making him wear the bangle. Pankaj gets irritated, but still shows his hand without any option. The bangle is too big for Pankaj’s hand. Surya thinks to find a way to practice to make someone wear the bangle.

The episode ends.