Nima Denzongpa 31st August 2022 Written Update: Sujatha kidnaps Manav

Nima Denzongpa 31st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sujatha returning to home. She demanded her mom and Tushar to get ready drama is over. She don’t have enough time to wait until they pack their things she bring Manav there. We wanted to hide inside the house for few days. let’s lock the door from outside.

Neighbours will think they went outside. She asked them to rush up the things. Tushar pretends like appreciates her idea and refused to help her. Sujatha asks him won’t he help her? He is determined not to help her in this matter. Sujatha challenges him that she don’t need anyone support she will do it alone. Tushar complaints to his mom that she is not her daughter but a murderer. If they support her again their life will be over. Meanwhile, Nima waits for Virat in bus stand. She hallucinate Virat near her.

Sujatha tied Virat in chair. He regains his memories. He reminds all his moments he spend with Nima. Later, one person stops his bike near Nima. He asks her to get on his bike misunderstanding her as call girl. Nima lashes out at him for calling her. She questions him Is she called him? Is she talked with him? She demanded him to leave from there. He leaves from there. Nima calls Virat again.

Sujatha takes his phone and says how many times she will call him. She turns off the phone. She sits in front of him. Sujatha shares to him that only two types of peoples are here in this world. First type person will love their wife a lot. They won’t give heed to another one. Second one is use their wife like taxi. After they used it they will leave it. That’s what really happened in her life too. She was also like Nima. When her heart broke she cried a lot. But she changed now. She shared her past with him. She added that she was bearing this pain last 7 years. She revealed her crime to him.

She added that Sujatha felt guilty for murdering her husband. She shivered thinking about her life. Later, she thought it was a good punishment to him for made her cry. He ruined her life so she gave correct punishment to him. After she killed him she felt satisfied and happy. After him also many persons came in her life but no one stayed long. She asks him may be he thinking why did she saying this to him?

There is no use to hide these all from him. Doesn’t he find out everything smart and place the suitcase case under bed. But he fails to close the lock. Doesn’t he planned to elope with Nima at night. She knew everything of their plan. After he slept she send message to Nima to reach bus stand. She came to meet him instead. Sujatha threatens him to kill him. She adds that she helped him from that accident. She fell in love with him after learnt he don’t remind his past. She thought she got a new life but it’s also not last longer.

Nima came to her life and claims her as her husband. She shares to him that she loves everyone genuine. Didn’t he checked her suitcase she kept all things of her lover safe inside it. Hand, teeth. She will keep his heart with her. She is behaving strange to him. Virat fears seeing her Pyscho behaviour. Meanwhile, Tushar demands her mom to pack their bag asap before Sujatha return. Take money immediately.

Sujatha returns to home and says to them that she asked them to lock the door from outside. Tushar says to her they are leaving from here in real. They can’t able to bear her strange behaviour. She is his brother that’s why he didn’t complained in police station. Sujatha asks them to leave if they want but don’t take her money. Tushar reveals to her they are not alone but she. Nima fears something happened to Virat and informs Sunita about it. She notices Tushar there and confronts them. She pleads them to reveal the truth. He warns her to stay away from Sujatha.

Episode end

The episode starts with Manav locks the suitcase in rush. Sujatha complaints to Tushar that it’s all happening because of him. She demands him to break the door. Nima comes there. Nima shares to Sujatha that she is shifting from here. She wishes to meet Manav once. Sujatha lashes out at her for behind her husband and lies to her he is not in home.

Later Sujatha breaks the door and witness Manav in Unconscious state. They checks whether he is alive or not? Sujatha’s mom tells her he still have heart beats. Sujatha’s mom asks Tushar what’s this smell? Tushar checks Manav and says to them he was drunk. He got a partner in crime. Sujatha says to him he is her Manav he won’t drink.

Tushar asks her to stop being adamant he is someone else. He asks her to give food to him and leaves. Sujatha stares the suitcase. Her mom asks her why did she keep staring it? She lies to her as nothing. Manav remimds how did he the identity proof and pretends like drunk. Later Nima informs to Sunita that she can’t able to

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