Shaadi Mubarak 24th February 2021 Written Update: KT brings a good news for Preeti

Shaadi Mubarak 24th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Preeti asking about Purti’s mother while Purti replies that she is no more. Preeti questions if her name was Pushpa? To which Purti looks at her suspiciously. She gets up doubting Preeti and states her to be a spy. She gets scared of Preeti and decides to leave from there when Preeti reveals that Purti’s mother is her relative and so Purti is her cousin sister. At that time a nurse comes inside. Purti glares her while Preeti ask her to behave properly.

Nurse told Preeti that doctor have sended the form advicing Preeti to talk to her family members for surrogacy. Preeti nods while Purti misunderstood her and blames that she have brought her here to run tests on her so that she can carry Preeti and her husband’s child! Preeti tries to clear her misunderstanding but Purti leaves from there saying that she will return Preeti all her money.

As Preeti goes out police inspector asked her to sign on some papers. He told how Preeti saved Purti from getting into trouble. He explains her how goons kidnapped Purti and was taking her to sell across the border when Preeti spotted her and called the police to help.

Purti gets overwhelmed by Preeti’s nature and runs back to the hospital room. She sees Preeti sitting on the bed with teary eyes and hugs her tightly. She apologises for not trusting her and thnaks her for the help (Emotional tune plays) She states that everyone have used her for their personal benefit and that is why she rarely trust anymore.

She praises Preeti’s helping and selfless nature and states that she will become her surrogate. She assures Preeti to carry her and KT’s child while Preeti hugs her with teary eyes and thanked her. Purti says that she first have to talk to her Guruji about it as she don’t do anything without discussing it from him while Preeti nods.

Neelima keeps calling doctor to know about Preeti’s report when Shivraj spots Neel and ask him that why he have taken 3 lakhs rupees from the bank account? To which he replies that he will tell later.

Neelima comes there and ask him to tell the reason. Priyanka comes there and doesn’t like the way they questions Neel. Neel says that he brought a gift for Priyanka for their first month anniversary and that is why he have taken the money. Priyanka looks at him while Shivraj goes from there.

Neelima calls the doctor while she finally picks it up. She ask about Preeti’s report. At the time Preeti also gets inside the house and hears Neelima’s conversation. She worries about doctor telling the truth to Neelima and goes in front of her.

Neelima gets shocked as doctor tells that Preeti can’t conceive and says that she have already discussed about the reports with Preeti. Neelima cries while Preeti tries to calm her. Neelima questions her that why she can’t become a mother? To which Preeti laughs and says that she was joking with her. She lies about her reports while Neelima says that now she is just waiting for the baby.

KT comes there excitedly and holds Preeti’s hand. He tells her a good news that she will be getting bussiess women’s award. Neelima gets happy while KT hugs Preeti. She cries in his embrace and determines herself to bless him with a baby anyhow.

Purti writes Preeti and London on her palms and ask her Guruji to make her choose in between them. She spins the bottle and then opens her eyes. She smiles saying that she got the answer.

On the other side KT looses his shirt’s button while Preeti comes forward to help him. She starts sewing his button but her concentration goes to the mobile as she waits for Purti’s call. KT ask if Preeti is fine? To which she nods and about to move but her saree gets stuck in his button. KT chuckles and moves around her. He drags her close while both laughs. Preeti’s phone rings while she tries to hide about Purti from KT. He unintentionally warns her to be careful and beaware of people while she looks on.

Precap:- Preeti lies to KT and Neelima about her being pregnant. KT confronts her asking her to tell the truth. He says that he can see fear in her eyes while she looks at him.

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