Pandya Store 31st May 2022 Written Update: Dhara makes a promise to Suman

Pandya Store 31st May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raavi tells Shiva that she is keeping this fast to be with him forever and asks Shiva why he is keeping this fast. Shiva tells that he want her as his life in next lives too. Raavi agrees to be his wife for the next life. Shiva tells it’s a good news so asks her to have sweet. Raavi refuses saying now she can’t. Shiva notices Raavi is upset so he asks her the reason behind it. Raavi tells that she feels she is a bad luck to this house.

Shiva asks her not to think like this and says she completes him and the Pandya family. Shiva and Raavi gets ready to do everything to bring back Dev and Rishita to home. Dhara calls Raavi so the latter leaves the room. Dhara and the family members comes to Suman. Dhara asks Suman to bless her kids to succeed in their plan. She then takes the necklace. Suman asks this is the stolen necklace right where from she get it.

Dhara recalls how she get the necklace from Kaamini’s cupboard without her knowledge and says that she took it from the one who stole the necklace and this the one who going to help them to expose Kaamini’s truth and bring back Dev and Rishita to their house. Krish asks Dhara why she didnt give it to Rishita right away. Raavi says they have no proof to prove Kaamini is the one who did it. If Dhara gives it to Rishita then everyone will question Dhara only. Gautam asks what they are going to do with this.

Dhara tells they have to steal this necklace inorder to expose Kaamini’s truth. She further adds for this work they want someone trustworthy. Shiva assures her that his friends will do these things. Dhara gets happy. She reminds Suman about their vow to bring back Dev and Rishita home. Suman nods yes. Dhara asks her to get ready to welcome her kids. She then takes the blessings of Suman and other’s also takes the blessings of Suman.

In Seth’s house Kalyani tells Kaamini that they shouldn’t do what she is suggesting because she have a feeling the plan won’t work on their favor. Kaamini asks Kalyani is she want Rishita to go back to the Pandya’s again because if they don’t do this then Rishita will go back to her in law’s house. Kalyani says even she dont want but her instincts says their plan won’t work on their favor instead it will put them under risk so pleads her to execute their plan some other day not today.

Kaamini agrees then Kalyani leaves. Kaamini says to herself that she will execute her plan today no matter what. Dev pleads Rishita to have food saying no pregnant women will keep this fast but the latter refuses saying this is her first ever Vat Savitri puja. Dev forcibly feeds her also make her have the tablet. He asks her oblige all his words. Rishita gets upset with Dev for breaking her fast.

Dev assures her that he is keeping the fast for them including their child and put his head on Rishita’s stomach. Dhara says even the child’s uncle and aunt is keeping fast. Dev and Rishita gets surprised seeing them at their room. Dev distances himself which makes Rishita to hide her simile. They both calls the Pandya’s to come inside their room. Krish questions all three of his sister in law has flower on their head and jokes that the brothers are following Gautam’s steps.

Rishita hugs Dhara and expresses her happiness that they are here to be part of this puja. She also tells today she dont want them to be a worker of their house and asks them to take part in this puja as her in law’s. Dhara gets emotional and hugs Dev. She also tells Rishita to make a promise to not to feel guilty of not keeping the fast because they all are keeping a fast for her and her baby with pure heart. Rishita gets happy and agrees to not to feel guilty.

Dhara tells Dev and Rishita they bought something for them and gifts Dev a dress. Dev asks why they are spending money on them. Dhara tells this kurta is made by her only and asks him to wear it on the puja. Dev agrees. Dhara then give gifts a dress to Rishita along with the necklace. Rishita gets shocked and says it must be expensive so she cant able to accept this gift.

Raavi puts an act to take the gift which lead Rishita to accept the gift. Dhara makes Rishita wear the necklace and looks at her family members. They all smiles at her. Later Kaamini and Kalyani greets the Pandya’s. Dhara prepares for the puja. Kaamini calls her and asks her about the arrangements. She then gives a thread role to Dhara and says there is a ritual which she want Dhara to do.

Dhara questions Kaamini but the latter scolds her and asks her to do what she asked her to and leaves. Dhara says she knows it is Kaamini’s plan but before she traps her she want God’s blessing to expose Kaamini’s truth. She then signs at Shiva. Shiva gets a call from his friends. He asks his friends to wait for his sign once they get they can enter and do what he asked them to. During puja Janardhan mocks the Pandya brother’s. Dev comes there and Gautam praises him.

Raavi comes there. Kaamini and Kalyani gets shocked seeing the necklace is on Rishita’s neck. Kaamini wonders how did Rishita get this. She can’t even asks about Rishita from where did she get the necklace because she will get into trouble and looks on worried. Dhara thinks to herself that she need God’s blessing to expose Kaamini’s truth at any cost and seeks God’s help.

Precap: Rishita loses her balance but Dhara catches her from falling down. Kaamini accuses Dhara for trying to kill Rishita’s child. Dhara looks on shocked.

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