Pandya Store 5th February 2022 Written Update: Pandya brothers get worried

Pandya Store 5th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prafulla saying to Dhara that Shiva and Raavi got divorced. Dhara gets suspicious and asks if she hasn’t get Raavi’s sign. Prafulla denies it. Dhara asks of Shiva and Raavi are divorced, why Raavi is staying in their house. Prafulla gets confused and decides to talk Raavi and find if the divorced happened. Dhara thinks that Prafulla is the culprit and Raavi is innocent. Kriti phones Krish. He answers the call. Kriti complaints to him that he isn’t attending her calls, he doesn’t care about her and doesn’t want to spend time with her. Krish denies it. Krish gets shocked when kriti says that she is waiting outside the house as if she comes in, Rishita will question her.

Prafulla sneaks into Pandya house and meet Raavi. Prafulla asks if she got divorced from Shiva. Raavi asks why she got her sign on the divorce papers by tricking her. She considered her as her mother and asks if she would have done it to her own daughter. Prafulla says that Raavi is her own daughter. She did it for her happiness as Shiva isn’t suitable match for her. Raavi warns Prafulla to not utter a word against her husband. She says that she will decide if he is suitable for her or not. Prafulla says that Shiva is useless and Raavi hates him. She asks Raavi to come with her. Raavi refuses and says Prafulla to leave.

Suman arrives there and sees Prafulla. She gets her walking stick to beat her. Prafulla runs from there. She stops at the door step and vows to do anything to take Raavi from here. Raavi says that she’s plus than 18 years so she can do what she wants and she can’t do anything. Suman says that for the first time in her life she supports Prafulla and asks to take Raavi with her. Prafulla looks at Suman suspicious and leaves. Suman asks Raavi why she didn’t go with Prafulla. Raavi says that no matter what they do, she won’t leave this house and will win her love.

At the shop, the customer, who badmouthed about Pandya store the previous day, has come back to but rations. He apologizes to Gautam for his behavior. Gautam realizes that an item is ruined and he refused to sell the ruined item to the customer as it’s their principle. Gautam checks the other stocks and gets shocked discovering all the stocks are ruined. Kirti cries hugging Krish. She says that she doesn’t like to be in her house and wants to be with him. Dhara gets shocked on seeing Krish hugging a girl.

Gautam tells Dev and Shiva that their stocks are ruined. Dev and Shiva get shocked. Dev doubts that it could be Janardan’s act and asks if anyone has come last night. Shiva recalls Raavi coming to meet him and finding the back door opened after she left. Dhara gets shocked realising that Krish is kirti. Krish notices Dhara.

Dhara questions them what they’re doing. Krish lies that kirti comes to gets his notes. Dhara asks why they were meeting secretly. Krish leaves saying that he’s getting for his college. Kirti also says the same. She requests Dhara to not tell about this to Rishita and leaves. Dhara gets suspicious.

Raavi goes to Rishita and seeks her help to make Shiva fall for her. Rishita says that she’s angry at Shiva for imprisoning Shiva then getting divorce from Shiva accusing him falsely of domestic violence. Raavi says that Prafulla duped her and got her sign on the divorce papers.

Rishita advises Raavi to cut all her ties with Prafulla. Shiva says that he has gone out for a while when Raavi and says that time someone must have ruined their stocks. Dev says that it must be Janardan’s act. Shiva wants to teach Janardan a lesson, but Gautam stops him asking to think about Rishita. Gautam says that they have to think what to do ahead. They can’t go to the police as they don’t have proof. They wonder want to do. Raavi says to Rishita that she didn’t break her ties with her family even though they troubled Pandyas.

Raavi says that she’s also sailing in the same boat. Rishita says Raavi to fight her rights and leaves. Raavi goes to Dhara and seeks her help to get Shiva’s love. Dhara says that one can’t force the love and asks to leave Shiva and waits for him to come back to her. Raavi wonders whose advice to follow. At the shop Dev gets money from bank to get new rations. Gautam, Shiva and Dev get worried from where to get rations as neither Janardan will sell them nor let others to sell them.

Precap: Rishita gets a new car. Suman demands Dev to drive the car. Pandyas go for a drive in that car, but the car met with the accident. Rishita blames Dev.

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