Parineetii 13th January 2023 Written Update: Rajeev spends romantic time with Neeti

Parineetii 13th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev scolding Neeti for shouting. Biji comes there and knocks on the door. Rajeev asks her what happened? Biji tells him that he heard a girl shouting sound. He tells her that he is taking bath. She demands him to open the door. He denies it. He lies to her that he was watching a video. Biji believes him. Parineet lies to her that her head is paining she needs medicine. Parineet takes her from there. Neeti tells him that she would have died if he close her mouth more. Rajeev flirts with Neeti inside the washroom. She tells him that she wants to meet Rajeev. Vishal gains concious and feels the pain on his head. He doubts how did he ended up here. Rajeev stops Neeti from leaving and turns on the shower. Both are romancing under the shower.

Vishal thinks whose this house? Parineet comes there and informs him that he met with an accident in the market. Neeti brings him here. Vishal remembers the incident and thank her. She asks her to convey his thank you to Neeti. Neeti pushes Rajeev and rushes out to meet Vishal. Neeti stops Vishal and questions him where he is leaving? Vishal asks her what’s she meant? Neeti says that his wife is here. Where he is leaving without his wife? Vishal gets confused hearing it and questioning her whose wife? Neeti says that Parineet is his wife. Vishal asks Rajeev to end this drama. Rajeev signals to him but he didn’t understand it. Neeti says that she is his priority. Vishal denies it.

Neeti asks him how could he deny his priority? He betrayed his wife for his girlfriend. She adds that he shouldn’t leave her like that. If he don’t like her than why did he married to her. Neeti lashes out at him. She adds that Parineet loves him a lot and sacrifice her life. He betrayed her and roaming around with his girlfriend lying to Parineet he was in London. But she saw hi in Chandigarh. Vishal asks Neeti did she saw him roaming around with someone else. He says that it’s getting complicated. He demands her to talk with her friend Parineet to confirm whether it’s true or not. Vishal asks Rajeev to end this drama. She is irritating him a lot. Neeti says that she is her bestfriend. She isn’t able to see her friend getting betrayed. She will definitely call the police to file a complaint against him.

Vishal starts laughing there. He hugs Parineet from behind. Everyone gets surprised to see it. Vishal says that she is right. Parineet used to mention about Neeti to him always. She praised her about her friendship. She is happy that she got a friend like her. He wanna thank them for taking care of Parineet. He thank her and Rajeev. Vishal excuses them to attend the phone call. Neeti gets happy and hugs Parineet in happiness.

Rajeev remember the flashback. How did he revealed the truth to Vishal. Vishal gets confused hearing their story. Rajeev reveals to Vishal that he is feeling guilty. He isn’t able to manage the situation now. He needs his help for it. Vishal asks him how did he ended up in this matter? Parineet reveals to him how did Monty used his picture for their needs. She adds that Neeti ended up see him in the function. They thought he won’t return to India. Vishal says that he isn’t able to help them in it. Rajeev says that his life will be a mess if Neeti find out the truth. Vishal says that it was messed up already. That is why he was here to seek his help. He shouldn’t have married two girls. He did a sin to them. Parineet tells him that Neeti is her friend. He might help them. Vishal learns that Neeti is Parineet’s childhood bestfriend. Vishal says to her that she is seeking his help for her sautan. Parineet says that Neeti is pregnant. She met with an accident recently. She fears that she will faces miscarriage after learn the truth.

Rajeev comes out of his thoughts. Neeti hugs Parineet and shares her happiness with her. Vishal returns there and lies to them that he wants to attend one important meeting. Neeti says that they didn’t spend time together. He tells her he was busy with his works. Vishal asks them to take care of Parineet until he return to home. Neeti asks him to take a romantic dinner with Parineet today. He nods with her. Neeti leaves to arrange everything. Rajeev thank Vishal for his help. Vishal says that he did it for Parineet not for Rajeev. No one will do such sacrifice for their friends. Rajeev thinks that she saved him from the problem again. She is a angel in his life.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev and Parineet will take rounds around the sacred fire. Neeti and her mom Sukhwinder get shock to see them together. Neeti will ask Parineet what’s going between her and Sanju? Parineet will tell her that nothing going between them. Biji will ask her why she is lying to her. Who is Sanju? Sukhwinder will introduce him as Sanju. Gurpreet will ask Parineet to reveal he is Rajeev. Parineet will introduce Rajeev to them.

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