Parineetii 13th September 2022 Written Update: Parineet cuts all her ties with Rajeev

Parineetii 13th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurinder advising Parineet that sometimes even their shadows won’t stay with them. Parineet shares with her that she trusts Neeti more than herself. She won’t betray her in any situation. They have been best friends since childhood. Gurinder inquires her what she will do now? Whatever happens today, she will inform her about it. Meanwhile, Neeti tries her best to sneak out of the hospital. The nurse noticed her and said to her she was not allowed to go out. Neeti shares with her that she shouldn’t be able to allow her to go out without discharging. She will inform the doctor about this or else he will scold her. Neeti tells her that her best friend was in some problems. She wanted to meet her friend. The nurse leaves from there to inform the Doctor. Neeti is adamant to meet Parineet, thinking she needs her help.

Later, Parineet shares with Gurinder that she will take decisions in her life hereafter. Gurinder tells her that she is standing between Neeti and Rajeev. Her decision will decide three of their futures. So, she might take a decision after she thinks twice. She asks her to not leave Rajeev. Gurinder adds that she shouldn’t mistake her that she is trying to save her family. She is well aware of Parineet’s love for Rajeev. She loved him from her heart. She made this anniversary arrangement for his happiness. She will make sure they won’t interrupt her life. She apologized to Parineet on behalf of them. Parineet asks her to stop apologizing to her. She is her mom. She shouldn’t apologize to her. Parineet tells her that she has already made her decision and she will say it in front of everyone. Gurinder assures her that she will stand with her and support her. Gurinder asks her to share with her what her decision is.

Meanwhile, Neeti collides with Monty. He inquires her what she is doing here? She inquires him about Sanju? He thinks that he wants to lie about something to save Rajeev. He tells her that his mom has reached home. That’s why he is staying at home. She questions him. Didn’t he say his grandma was coming? He lies to her when he mentions both of them as moms. She tells him that she wants to meet her friend. Neeti feels dizzy. She says to herself that she shouldn’t stop like this. She can help Parineet because she has done many things for her. Later, Parineet asks Gurinder what her decision was if she was in her position? If her husband wishes to stay with her, then she will forgive him. If he promised to stay with her, then she would accept him. Parineet shares with her that she would have thought like that but Neeti is her half sister. How would she betray her? Doesn’t she say to her that we can sacrifice their happiness for our loved ones? But why should she lead a life full of lies? She asks her to go with her. She will announce her decision in front of all.

The doctor noticed Neeti going out. She stopped her from leaving because she completed major surgery recently. She needs rest. Neeti is adamant about meeting Parineet. She faints there. The doctor takes her back to the ward. Meanwhile, Gurinder shares with her husband that she is coming. Rajeev’s mom thinks that it seems she has decided to live with Rajeev, leaving Neeti. Rajeev thinks that she may understand it’s tough to win against him. She couldn’t be able to live without him. That’s why she looks cool. Simi thinks that Parineet is coming again to create another drama, but she is not interested in it. Chandrika prays to god to solve all issues between them. She wants to make a good decision.

Parineet notices her wedding photo and gets emotional. She glares at Rajeev there. He inquires her. Is she feeling relieved now after venting out her anger at him? Parineet tells him that nothing is left in her to show him. He doesn’t even deserve her anger either. He is loving someone else. Rajeev thinks that she is starting it again. Parineet shares with her mother-in-law when a girl goes to her in-law’s house. A mother-in-law might treat their daughter-in-law as a daughter. But what has she done to her? She betrayed her. They dared not to think about her. How much it will affect her, that’s why she took the decision. She shares with Chandrika that she asks her to go to her room. But she wouldn’t return to that room. Her relationship with him is broken. Then how will she save it? She had already made the decision. She won’t stay in this house. He married her in front of a sacred fire. But he didn’t treat her as his wife.

She poured water on that fire to end her relationship with him. Gurinder’s husband asks him not to take any decisions in a rush. He advised her. She apologized to him for not listening to him. He blessed her emotionally. Parineet cuts all her ties with Rajeev. Simi thinks that Parineet showed her another face to everyone. Parineet walks away from there. Rajeev’s mom thinks she might do something to stop her. Gurinder lashes out at her. She had already promised to her that she would stand with her in all her decisions. She doesn’t deserve this fake relationship. Parineet comes out taking her luggage.

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