Parineetii 16th September 2022 Written Update: Parineet learns the truth

Parineetii 16th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurinder inquiring Rajeev what he is thinking. He demands her to leave here without troubling him? She asks him how she will leave him when he is tense. Rajeev shares with her that Parineet left home. What if she confessed all the truth to Neeti? Gurinder tells him it’s better she will give him a divorce. Rajeev tells her that she doesn’t know about Neeti’s character. She is just the opposite of Parineet. At least Parineet listens to their words, but Neeti argues with him about small things. He doesn’t know what he will do? It’s all because of her. He will break any relationship to save his marriage with Neeti. Gurinder asks him how he could blame her, when he is. He shouldn’t have married another girl when he was already married to Parineet. Doesn’t she asked his wish before marriage? He tells her that he had already said to her that he was in love with her. He accused her. Gurinder says to him that she is leaving and she will never forgive him for turning her back on her.

Parineet learns from a nurse that Neeti is pregnant with Sanju’s child. She gets shocked to hear it. Meanwhile, Rajeev thinks that he loved Neeti and marries Parineet. He betrayed her and hurt her. Parineet was a gift to him, but he is in love with Neeti. He lied to her many times. He won’t betray anyone hereafter. He will stay with Neeti. He noticed the best couple award in Almira. He reminds Parineet and thinks that he always lied but she believed his words always. Chandrika calls Rajeev to help Tai ji. He rushes to meet her.

Parineet walks on the road while recollecting the bitter memory of her past. Tai Ji’s husband stops Rajeev from entering his room. He lashes out for betraying everyone in the family by getting married twice. He asks him to see Tai Ji’s condition because of him. He tells him that he is ashamed to see him. How could he betray two girls? He betrayed Parineet and her best friend. Balwinder tries to stop him. He asks him not to stop him. He saw true love in Neeti, but not with Parineet. Parineet loved him truly and this family. He doesn’t deserve either of their love. He doesn’t wanna see his face again. He demands him to go out.

Parineet reached the temple and cries her heart out. She rings the bell while recollecting her past. She shares with god that the storm keeps coming into her life one by one. She isn’t able to bear it all. She has never hidden anything from Neeti yet. Rajeev betrayed her and Neeti too. How would she share this with her in this state? How she will share with Neeti that Rajeev and Sanju are the same and father of her child. How will she correct it? She pleads with god to show her a good solution for her. Meanwhile, Rajeev thinks that Tai ji loved him like his own son always. But he betrayed her. The doctor shares with all that Tai ji BP is normal now. They shouldn’t give stress to her. Rajeev apologizes to Tai ji and asks her to forgive him. Later, Parineet asks god to help her find a path. She wants to solve this issue. Later,
Tai ji refused to take medicine. Her husband advised her to take medicine. He asked her to throws them out of her heart not from home. Tai ji shares with
her husband that she was thinking about Parineet. She worried where she went in this time? Rajeev should go out not Parineet. Gurinder disliked it. Rajeev accepted her suggestions.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev will ask Parineet to stop. He lied to all and betrayed them because he was forced too. Parineet will deny it reasoning he only thought about himself. He lied to all for his own sake. Rajeev will ask her to don’t step backward. She will fall down from cliff. Rajeev will show Parineet clothes to Tai ji. She will demand Police to arrest Rajeev

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