Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th September 2022 Written Update: Reema gets chewed out by Chitra

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the amazement of Oswaal members to see the Reema in the Oswaal mansion again. Chitra gets angry to see Reema. She asks where is Mayakshi, why did she gone from the marriage function? She doubts that Simar did something mischievous with Mayakshi, that’s why she left the marriage ceremony. She rebukes Simar. Simar says she has fulfilled her promise to bring Reema again before nabaratri. Aarav says Simar keeps her pledge and saves their lives from the immense danger. Chitra shouts at Reema and declines to accept Reema as her bohu. Badima also supports the statement as she mistreated Vivaan for her ownself.

Reema with her folded hands, apologises to Badima ask to forgive her for stupidity. But she was befooled by Rudra completely. She starts to describe everything how Rudra captivated her with his bad intention. How he comes out smelling to like a rose. Rudra and Mayakshi both are black magician. Both did spread mayajal and kalishakti on her only for the sake of themselves. Chitra screams and mocks at them as these two sisters always make castle in the air. Reema agitates if she would be accepted. She tries her best to make a trust on her again. Reema asks Vivaan to give her a once more.
Chitra goes to Vivaan and strongly opposes the Reema’s overcaring activities. Vivan looks at Reema, says that she knows the pain in her eyes.

Chitra losts her temper. Simar emphasizes the negative power of Rudra and Mayakshi. Chitra accuses the greediness of Reema, as she left Vivaan just for her own sake. Reema says how did Rudra make a dreamy illusion infront of her. How did she was compelled to follow the words of Rudra. Simar also adjoins how could Reema free herself from the captivation of the Rudra, she was purely helpless. Simar reminds others how Vivaan agred to marry Mayakshi just in a glance, how did Rudra deducted all the disagreement from the family. Aarav also makes them alert how did Rudra emphasize to make this marriage happen in Amabasya. Sandhya accepts the fact that they all were befooled by Rudra somehow. Gajendra and Giriraj also supported them.

Chitra says she will never forgive Reema and forces Reema to get her out. Chitra says everything belongs to Reema is false. She is based on falsity. Aarav expresses to spare her as she has been tolerating many intended weird things since the few days.
Vivaan reminds his promise during his marriage. Vivaan explains her anxiety, may be she tolerated many unwanted horrible experience. He says he won’t allow any misbehavior to Reema. Otherwise they both will leave the house as he can’t live without Reema.

Reema asks did he completely trust her? Vivaan says he whole heartedly trusts her. Vivaan asks whether he would leave him again. Reema says she would never mistreat him. Vivan begs to Badima for giving the permission to keep Reema there in the house. Vivan acknowledges the acceptances of Badima. Badima acknowledges the true heroic behaviour of Simar. How did she truly cared for this family. She is the apple of the eyes of her.
Badima says when Simar did say that she will make everything right, Badima believed her. Vivaan also thanks her for saving the life of Reema. Simar says she can even sacrifice her own life to save the life of her sister. Badima asks everyone to come forward to make this family complete.

Mayakshi creates a magical fiery circle to prove herself strong and conspires something more. Reema sees her old picture sitting in her room. Suddenly Vivaan comes in a sleeveless shirt. Reema looks flattered to see the hotness of Vivaan. She is amazed to see him. Vivaan confuses to see amazement in her eyes. Vivan prepares the tea for Reema. Reema expresses how did she miss him. Vivaan tries to console her with his loving and warm words. Reema says every moment without her was next to hundred years. They start to make love.
Episode ends.

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