Parineetii 25th October 2022 Written Update: Parineet is in Danger

Parineetii 25th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the cab driver taking Parineet to a shady place along with his friend. He says to Parineet that he has some surprise for her. Parineet thinks where is this place? Where did they take her to? What’s this surprise? The cab drivers are discussing their future plans. Parineet gets confused with their talk and tries hard to free herself from them. The cab driver asks her to stop troubling them. Meanwhile, Neeti demands Rajeev to repeat what they said. She laughs at them and questions Rajeev what are they hiding from her? Rajeev asks her,” doesn’t she hear anything? She nods to him.


Monty tells her that nothing important they were talking about common matters. She tells him that she is able to understand what that common matters. Let’s discuss it tomorrow. It’s late at night. Tai ji is already strict. If she sees her awake late at night, she will scold her. Neeti asks Rajeev to stop talking and go to bed. He leaves her hand. She complaints that he is unromantic. He left her hand again. Rajeev thinks that he again hurt Neeti for Parineet. He wants to remove Parineet from his mind. Later Parineet gets shocked to see she is landing in a Prostitution Racket. The cab driver says to her it’s his surprise for her.

Later, Rajeev wishes good night to her and goes to bed. She complained to him that he wasn’t taking good care of her. He thinks that she is behaving weirdly. Maybe she has pregnant mood swings. He asks her what she wants? She says to him that she needs rest. She wasn’t comfortable with this night suit. He tells her that she likes this dress a lot. She adds that she doesn’t like this now. She wants to change it. She noticed Parineet’s bracelet in his cupboard. She inquired what’s this? How did Parineet’s bracelet end up in his cupboard? He thinks that Parineet might forget to take it from here. He lies to her that the servant placed it there. Neeti leaves to change her dress. Rajeev thinks that he used to lie to Parineet in this room for Neeti. Today he was lying to Neeti for Parineet. He doesn’t know what’s going on in his life.

Meanwhile, the cab driver asks the prostitute to take Parineet from there. He introduced her as a new friend of hers. They took Parineet from there forcefully. The prostitute asked Parineet to take alcohol but she refused it. She says to her that no one ends up in this place with their own wish. Everyone is forced to do this work. She will be used to this atmosphere asap. Later, the cab driver shows Parineet a photo of the head of that racket. He praises her beauty and says she is equal to 10 beautiful girls. The cab driver lies to him that he was about to marry her. But selling her to him for money. He asked him to give me more money. He denied it.

Later, Tai ji worries about Parineet. Her husband consoles her. Tai ji shares with him that she never thought Rajeev betrayed her this much. He tells her that she wasn’t seeing anything from Parineet’s point of view. He wasn’t in a position to make him understand. She wants to leave here to save her self-respect. Tai ji complained that Neeti changed Rajeev’s mind. He married her secretly and made her pregnant. Gurinder only cares about property and money. This Neeti is not less than Gurinder.

Later, Harman was waiting for Parineet at home. He checks out for her. Gurpreet shares with Harman that Parineet hasn’t returned home yet. Her phone isn’t reachable. She is worried about herself. Harman tells her, let’s call her in-laws. It’s their duty to inform them when she leaves the home. They shouldn’t be irresponsible like that. She nods to him. The cab driver brings the head of that Prostituion racket near Parineet. He asks her to change her dress. Parineet denied it. He says to the cab driver that everyone used to deny first to him. But he had many ways to make her agree to it. She pleads with him to leave her. If she fails to reach home on time, her mom will register a complaint with the police station. They laugh at her. He asks her to change asap. He tells her that he doesn’t like people who betray him. He warns her to not try to escape from him.

Episode end

Precap: Rajeev will say to Parminder that he only loved Neeti in his life. She is carrying his baby. He will tell her that he wants to give all relatives to her and his unborn baby. Tai ji will question him why did he failed to think about Parineet? Later, Parineet will plead with Neeti to save her. If she don’t help her then she won’t see her alive

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