Parineetii 26th October 2022 Written Update: Parineet in a pickle

Parineetii 26th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurinder thinking about who is disturbing her on that night. She gets a panic when seeing Gurpreet’s call. She fears that Parineet has revealed everything to her. Gurinder attends the call and pretends to inquire her about her health. Gurpreet acts like she doesn’t know anything and inquires her about Parineet? Gurinder lies to her that she is sleeping in her room and disconnects the call. Gurpreet shares with Harman that Gurinder acts like nothing happened. She lied to her that Parineet was sleeping in her room. Harman says to Gurpreet that they are playing with them after kicking Parineet from their house. He wishes to confront them. Meanwhile, Parineet thinks what’s destiny planned for her? Where did she end up? Why is it always she suffers? Parineet thinks where is it place? Parineet remembers the way relatives badmouthed her on her wedding day. One girl comes there and says to Parineet that Kamala is calling her. Parineet thinks that she might help her to escape from here.

Parineet goes near her and thinks that god sent her to her. Parineet pleads with her to send her out. She is from a reputed family. She was already married. She was going to her parents’ house from her in-law’s house. She pleads with her to send her out. Kamala says to her that everyone has their own family. Everyone ended up here without an option. She had a loving husband but her father-in-law sold her there. She advised her to stay there one night. She will be used to it. She asks her to earn more money there. She wants to fulfill their wish and gets money. Parineet says to her that she isn’t able to do it. She doesn’t need her money. Kamala says that she needs money. She gets angry with her.

Kamala says to her that no one will escape from here. Parineet tells her that she isn’t able to stay there. She is about to run from there but the cab driver stops her. Kamala asks her to stop trying to escape from here. She demands the cab driver to take Parineet to their leader. They took her from there forcefully. Later, Neeti gets frustrated hearing Sanju’s snoring sound. She thinks that she fasted for him though he didn’t care about her. She wishes to do yoga there. She calls Parineet to learn about her first Karvachauth. She thinks that he would have surprised her. Gurpreet calls Neeti and learns from her that she is pregnant. She advised her to take good care of herself. Neeti hides Parineet’s life problems from Gurpreet, thinking about her health. Gurpreet misunderstands that Parineet doesn’t share anything with Neeti about her life. She disconnects the call. Neeti thinks that something is fishy.

The can driver pushes Parineet into a dark room and demands her to change her dress. She thinks that her mom may be worried about her. Shalini asks her why she is wasting her tears instead of using this chance to earn money. Parineet denies it and pleads with her to send her back home. She splashes water on her face. Parineet asks her to give 5 minutes’ time for her to change. Shalini nods to her. Later, Parineet comes out changing. One old lady says that Parineet gets a chance to go abroad. If they try like her, they will get that chance too. Parineet pretends to like coughing. The old lady asks Shalini to bring water for her. Parineet signals one girl to give a phone to her. She takes the phone for her to see her pleading with her. Parineet took permission from that old lady to do make-up there. She collects the phone from that girl and goes into the bathroom. Goons are waiting outside to keep an eye on her. Parineet tries to contact the police but the line is busy. She asks god to help her.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will call Neeti and tell her that she doesn’t have enough time to explain her situation to her. She will ask her to reach near her asap. She will reveal to Neeti that the cab driver kidnapped her and taken her to a shady place. If she fail to reach on time he will sell her to someone. Neeti will reveal everything to Rajeev

The episode starts with the cab driver taking Parineet to a shady place along with his friend. He says to Parineet that he has some surprise for her. Parineet thinks where is this place? Where did they take her to? What’s this surprise? The cab drivers are discussing their future plans. Parineet gets confused with their talk and tries hard to free herself from them. The cab driver asks her to stop troubling them. Meanwhile, Neeti demands Rajeev to repeat what they said. She laughs at them and questions Rajeev what are they hiding from her? Rajeev asks her,” doesn’t she hear anything? She nods to him.

Monty tells her that nothing important they were talking about common matters. She tells him that she is able to understand what that common matters. Let’s discuss it tomorrow. It’s late at night. Tai ji is already strict. If she sees her awake late at night, she will scold her. Neeti asks Rajeev to stop talking and go to bed. He leaves her hand. She complaints that he is unromantic. He left her hand again. Rajeev thinks that he again hurt Neeti for Parineet. He wants to remove Parineet from his mind. Later Parineet gets shocked to see she is landing in a Prostitution Racket. The cab driver says to her it’s his surprise for her.

Later, Rajeev wishes good night to her and goes to bed. She complained to him that he wasn’t taking good care of her. He thinks that she is behaving weirdly. Maybe she has pregnant mood swings. He asks her what she wants? She says to him that she needs rest. She wasn’t comfortable with this night suit. He tells her that she likes this dress a lot. She adds that she doesn’t like this now. She wants to change it. She noticed Parineet’s bracelet in his cupboard. She inquired what’s this? How did Parineet’s bracelet end up in his cupboard? He thinks that Parineet might forget to take it from here. He lies to her that the servant placed it there. Neeti leaves to change her dress. Rajeev thinks that he used to lie to Parineet in this room for Neeti. Today he was lying to Neeti for Parineet. He doesn’t know what’s going on in his life.

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