Parineetii 31st May 2022 Written Update: Chandrika advises Rajeev to never cheat Parineet

Parineetii 31st May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pari saying to Rajeev yesterday while praying, Diya went off and I felt like someone is stealing you but I know that you can never let any wrong happen with me and you’re the best. Rajeev asks Parineet to leave him a message if he doesn’t pick up her call and asks her to not tell him that he is the best and other things. Parineet says he is best for her. She asks him to take her to the temple her Mom visited. Rajeev agrees. She leaves after getting Chandrika’s call.

At the table, Rajeev says the food is good bhabhi. Chandrika says food is prepared by Pari and everyone in the house loves it. Rajeev recalls his promise to Neeti and asks Parineet to teach him Gajar Ka Halwa. She agrees. Chandrika and Abhay tease him. They go aside giving space to them. Parineet is about to fall but he holds her. He asks her to be careful as I’m not with you every time. Pari says she knows that he will always be with her.

Neeti calls Rajeev and says we are going for Mangalsutra shopping and so I have taken leave. Rajeev tells can’t she postpone. Neeti asks what’s important to him more than her. He agrees to take her. He tells Pari, I can’t come with you to the temple as I have work. He asks her to go with Monty and Chandrika. Pari tells she wants to go with him. He tells her he can take her in the next week. She agrees happily. He looks at her happily. Then he thinks if he started loving Pari.

Vikram recalls Neeti and thinks to call her but he stops himself. The next day, Pari gives aarti to Rajeev. Chandrika asks Pari to get her tea. Chandrika tells Rajeev that he is lucky to get Parineet. She asks him to never cheat on her. Rajeev looks on. Simi drinks tea prepared by Pari. Pari goes to give tea to others. Vikram calls Pari. Simi attends the call and asks if he wants her to give any message to Pari. Vikram asks her to tell Pari to check with her friend whether she is fine or not. Simi says it’s Neeti and asks if he has affair with her. Vikram says she is a friend. Simi asks if he wants to say anything. Vikram tells her it’s not manners to attend other calls. Simi scolds him and thinks to teach him a lesson when they meet.

Rajeev tells Pari that tea is so good like last night’s dinner. He leaves. Parineet rotates in happiness. Rajeev returns to take his purse. She thinks to tell him why she is rotating. She goes behind him. He closes the door which hurts her. Rajeev caresses her with cloth and lost in her. Then he recalls Neeti. Pari thanks him. Rajeev thinks she is misunderstanding his care as love. He tells her he applied the same trick to Simi. Neeti calls him saying she reached the mall. He tells Pari that he is leaving to office. Pari asks him what he wants to have for lunch? Tell him that she will get him lunch at the office. He warns her to not bring him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajeev sees the same mangalsutra that Pari wears and says take any, but not this as it reminds me of someone. Pari is cooking, her mangalsutra breaks. Neeti asks Rajeev if leaves her on mandap for her.

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