Patiala Babes 30th March 2020 Written Update: Mini supports Neil’s decision of divorcing his wife

Patiala Babes 30th March 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mini is opening the box of Hanuman and remembered the moments of Hanuman but she realised there are something and some stuff which is connected to people so dearly but that is not going to be shared with anyone else.

Nainbee says there can’t be any replacement to first love. It is not that that Babita and Hanuman never wanted each other to be their healing but they never be able to gather the courage to face the past chapters of each other lives because they got scared that if any awkward stage of their past life came in front of them suddenly. She says to Mini why you want such a complicated and difficult life for yourself?

Please choose a normal life where you can write your own stories because it is not easy to write your own story on the papers of life which is filled by someone else in the past. Inside the restaurant, Neil is trying to find out from his daughter Kiya, what she likes to have in food? He is asking a fellow worker of the restaurant to bring some ice cream for her but she is not responding to mail and is only talking to Isha.

Isha is smiling to see the situation of Neil because she is able to trap him in an emotional mess. Mini comes to the restaurant to meet Neil and Isha and not only that she informs Isha that it is not her but her grandmother who called her here in Patiala. She asks her grandmother to tell Isha for what she called her here and she is mumbling to speak with Isha but with so much difficulty she says to her that we don’t like relationships to end like this and wd believe in second chances so I think you both should have given an another chance to your marriage for the sake of your daughter.

Neil is not so happy with the approach of Mini and her grandmother as he is not ok with it. However Mini tries to find out from Isha and nail both that whether they themselves are ready to give another chance to their relationship? Neil says will you allow your mother to go back to your father after what he did to her? Mini said this is not the answer to my question, just tell me about your opinion.

Neil says it is of course a no from my side and you know that very well. Neil says I never told you but I guess you can understand my feelings really well. Mini finally understands that Neil doesn’t want to go back to Isha and that is his final call, hence she decided to stand by Neil and told Isha that we will see you at the court and I am standing along with my friend.

Neither you will get his house nor the jewelleries of his mother because your blackmailing will not work anymore. She says to Isha, you cannot stop Neil from meeting Kiya because he is her biological father and this is his basic rights which even the court cannot take away from him. She asks Neil to arrange the best and special pastries for Kiya as she is the special guest of the restaurant.