Patiala Babes 4th March 2020 Written Update: Mini starts a movement #NoMoreSilence on social media

Episode begins with Kammo is sharing her life story with Nanibi and Simmi ji. She says I really want to help Mini but if she accepts this donation from me then I will be more than happy. I will feel that all my sufferings will be compensated. She shared with them she used to be one shy, timid and innocent girl in her early ages. I always used to one of my parents most obedient kids and I never did anything wrong in my life. But one day while returning from school someone approached me in an appropriate way.

I got so scared of that person and wanted to escape from that place as soon as possible and I reported that entire incident to my mother. She instead of supporting me or believe in me, scolded me only and blamed me also. I got angry with my own mother and told her that I am a bad person for you right?

Then I will be a bad person for you now. I started to make so many boyfriends and engaged in multiple affairs. After a point of time my mum and dad decided that they have to get me married any how and my father get me married to Khatri in exchange of hefty amount of dowry. She says if Mini takes this donation I will feel happy.

Mini understands the gravity of her intentions to give the donation. She accepted the money and Mini spent some time with Neil and shared all her worries with him only. He gets a call from someone but he doesn’t share the details with Mini. In the morning, all are sitting together for some strategies to invest so many people in this campaign.

Mini says we will have together people who are willing to share their personal experience with the world without revealing their identity. She says this initiative will help people who are not coming out in open about this incident of their life will get inspired and maybe speak up.

She says I just hope Vinita aunty also get inspired by this and she agrees to come out in open and fights for her daughter Neha. Mini shares audio clips from the people with Vinita which she is getting from various people.

Precap – Mini asks Vinita to come out and join the movement with them.