Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 17th September 2020 Written Update: Will Megha’s curse come true ?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 17th September 2020 Written Update on

Megha puts torn Joda on her head. Ashutosh asks why she is doing all this. Megha says this is her fate, Mayura has Sangmarmar Sartaaj in her life and she has a servant. Mayura says Omkar touches Sanjay’s foot for blessings, why is she thinking like this.

Megha says Sanjay stands behind Manjiri when she brings Shagun, he opens her car’s door. He is servant, Omkar just calls him brother lovingly. Megha asks Mayura if she set up her marriage by talking to Omkar and  pushes her angrily. Ashutosh shouts on Megha, he raised two of them equally. He won’t let one spoil other’s life, he will slap her and bring her to right path.

He tells Megha that society and their regressive thinking, beauty hoardings are responsible for her problems not Mayura.  He is not getting rid by marrying off Megha. He felt Sanjay is good boy, thats why he agreed for marriage. He tells Megha she can reject this marriage if she feels her parents are doing injustice with her. They will bear society taunts, she need not worry. Megha agrees for marriage.

Mayura apologizes to Megha and promises to support every decision of hers. Megha is still angry and brings a cage. She says her life was caged till now because of all the taunts. She curses Mayura to be caged with her beauty.

Ashutosh shares his pain with Surekha. He understands Megha’s pain and feels 10 times more pain, more anger on society’s obsession with outer beauty. He wonders how will his daughters live after marriage. Surekha calms him, their daughters are independent, one is lawyer and doctor. They will live well.

Omkar and Piyush discuss wedding arrangements. Omkar says 4 people are marrying, 2 families are uniting. Piyush thinks he misunderstood Omkar’s anger. It was just his pain. Omkar thinks he wouldn’t have shared his wedding moments with Megha if it was in his hands, he hopes Mayura to not become sad due to Megha.

Mayura cries reminding Megha’s words. She holds the cage given by Megha and sees her shadow in the cage on the wall. She gets petrified seeing it, she runs aside and cries. She again comes near cage as Omkar calls her. She lifts the phone and cries. She cuts the call. She cries why people see only outer beauty. Omkar comes there.

Piyush is down near ladder and says if romeo can meet Juliet, why can’t Omkar meet Mayura. Piyush leaves happily. Omkar and Mayura have romantic moment. Megha sees them angrily from ground floor. Mayura tells him to leave, she will wait for him as bride and leaves shyly.

Omkar says he waited for her ever since he saw her first time. Mayura forgot her phone and starts coming back. Omkar’s men call him and inform that Kundan escaped. Omkar gets angry.

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