Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 30th November 2020 Written Update: Omkar escapes from Mayura’s trap

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 30th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar starts screaming inside the cage. She says him she knew he was following her. So she intentionally made him follow till there. She goes on taunting Omkar while he is struggling inside. She tells him he had asked her why she doesn’t go away from his life, she says the answer is that she wants to trap him inside the cage just like he had locked her up inside the cage, she recalls how Omkar had kept her inside the golden cage at home.

 She lectures him and tells him now he will be always trapped in her prison. It’s not necessary everytime it will be iron bars, a man is biggest slave to his mind and thoughts. So she will use this tactic and keep him tangled by mind games. She tells him now he will always be under pressure due to Mayura. She takes his phone and throws away the simcard. At Mayura’s home, Ashutosh and Sulekha are very happy. Sulekha gives sweet to Ashutosh. They celebrate Mayura’s success. Dadi is still worried. Sanjay is happy for Mayura too.

Manjiri is doing some Rituals to drive away bad omen. Omkar’s photo falls down.

Manjiri is worried as Omkar hasn’t returned. She asks Balli about Omkar’s whereabouts. They said they still couldn’t find him. She thinks Omkar followed Mayura, what if she did something to him. She instructs the men to go and find Omkar asap.

At jungle, Mayura is still teasing Omkar. She throws some leaves inside the cage. Omkar gets irritated. He tells her soon his mother and men will come and rescue him. Mayura tells him he won’t be able to leave. Omkar’s men reach around searching for him. Omkar tells Mayura his men are already here with search lights. At home, Manjiri is very worried and Sankar laughs at her state. He tells Mayura is really brave. But Manjiri tells her son is more stronger.

Omkar gets happy thinking his men will save him, but it becomes morning and his men are still there. Mayura laughs at his state while Omkar feels distraught . Ashutosh tells Sulekha to dance and celebrate Mayura’s victory. They make dadi dance along too. Sanjay smiles happily seeing them.

Manjiri is angry and worried hearing balli couldn’t find Omkar. Sankar happily enjoys eating Rasgullas.

Mayura teases him and says if he wants to eat fruits. She throws fruit at him. She then tells him his men won’t there as she has kept a sign board outside. Balli and his men see the sign board saying there are wild animals ahead. They think Omkar and Mayura won’t be here and leave.

At night, Omkar suddenly shouts that there is a snake and then he faints. Mayura panics and goes to check on him. She sees mark on his hand and thinks snake really bit him. She gets closer to check but Omkar suddenly shouts and says he was acting. He pulls her closer. Mayura asks him to leave her.

Omkar pulls the key from her necklace and opens himself and pushes Mayura in the cage instead. Mayura cries badly. Omkar tells her how he faked a stick to be snake and created those marks using itching plant she had thrown at him. He taunts her and leaves her alone locked in the cage..

Omkar returns home. Manjiri gets relieved. Sankar calls and informs Ashutosh about the same. Ashutosh tells this to his family members. They are worried for Mayura. Mayura is struggling in the cage.

Sankar asks Omkar where has he kept Mayura. Omkar tells she is where she should be.

Everyone is praying for her Mayura. Mayura is fainting out of thirst in jungle.

Omkar tells Sankar to pray for Mayura because place where she is either Omkar can save her or goddess should reincarnate herself.

Mayura sees a girl in form of goddess infront of her.

Precap Mayura attacks Omkar with Goddess’ trisul.

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