Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd March 2021 Written Update: Guru Ma manipulates Omkar and makes him do things according to her wishes

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: What will happen to Omkar and Mayura's happy life?
Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: What will happen to Omkar and Mayura's happy life?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar bringing Mayura to hall which has been beautifully decorated. Manjiri comes and gives them blessings. Even Agrima Devi comes there and Manjiri gets very happy. She gives blessings to Mayura for having a beautiful baby, Mayura says her that all babies are beautiful she should rather give blessing that baby should be healthy. Agrima devi says the same and blesses her to give birth to a healthy child.

Later Mayura asks Omkar who called Agrima devi, he says Manjiri had called her as she has belief on her but she has promised not to do anything which makes her uncomfortable. Omkar says cheesy lines and makes her smile. Mayura says she is very happy for the ritual and also because her parents are coming. Omkar thinks something.

Sulekha gets message from someone, she says Ashutosh that they need to take fresh fruits along with other things for the ritual. So he goes to buy it. Then Omkar enters and Sulekha asks why did he message her to send Ashutosh somewhere. Omkar says what he will be saying, Ashutosh won’t believe. He says them that they have a ritual in their family that they should go to temple for welfare of Mayura and kid. Sulekha agrees.

When Ashutosh asks them, Sulekha lies that dadi’s sister has told them to go to temple. She says she has already messaged Mayura and she won’t feel bad. At Omkar’s mansion, Manjiri starts the ritual and Mayura receives message from Sulekha saying they cannot come now. Omkar dances and makes Mayura dance too. Suddenly Mayura’s family and Nisha comes there too. Omkar gets shocked.

Flashback shows how Sulekha had admitted that Omkar was one who asked them to go to the temple. Mayura gets very happy seeing her family. Ashutosh asks Omkar why he didnt allow them to meet Mayura for so many months and even today he didn’t want them to come. Ashutosh tells him that all this should not last for long. Manjiri tells that Mayura’s family should feed her kheer in silver bowl with silver spoon . While Ashutosh goes to feed Mayura, Omkar goes and stops him. He shouts at Ashutosh saying why was he making a bad omen by feeding her with steel spoon instead of silver spoon. Mayura gets shocked seeing Omkar’s behaviour.

She scolds Omkar for being blind by superstitions. She shouts at him and asks him if he had been pretending all the while. She cries badly. Omkar tries to calm her down. Mayura says that she feels suffocated staying with a family who is tied by superstitious beliefs. She says Manjiri to stop pretending. Mayura says them that Agrima devi has trapped them in her words to maintain her image and status. Omkar tries to calm Mayura but she gets more hyper and starts feeling pain.

Agrima Devi says that Mayura has insulted her. Mayura asks her if she knows what her horoscope says about herself now. Mayura gets uncontrollable and picks up fork to attack Agrima Devi.

Mayura starts hyperventilating. She pushes Omkar away and says she doesnt want to see Omkar. Doctor comes and says that Mayura is having labor pains and will be delivering baby. Mayura asks Ashutosh to take her to hospital but Agrima Devi manipulates Omkar to get the delivery done at home. Omkar does the same and asks doctor to make arrangements at home. Ashutosh tries to stop him but Omkar asks him to go back home.

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