Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 7th December 2020 Written Update: Mayura and Omkar gets remarried

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 7th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Manjiri asking to bring bride. They bring bride with face hidden. She sits by Omkar’s side. Omkar recalls all the threats Mayura had given him. He tries to lift the ghunghat but Manjiri stops him.

She tells him that he shouldn’t show face again and again or else she will get bad eye of someone. She tells him it’s Ashwaria and he should forget about Mayura. Omkar thinks Mayura was drawing lines of fate but it’s all proved wrong. Suddenly Tara along with her team of eunuch come there dancing.

Omkar does the wedding rituals and recalls all his rituals with Mayura. He remembers Mayura’s face again and again. He feels angry. Ashwaria’s mother ties the knot and they start taking rounds. Manglam plays in background while they finish the seven rounds around the holy fire. Manjiri is very happy.

Priest asks groom to put the Mangalsutra around bride’s neck. Omkar again remembers when he had done same for Mayura. He doesn’t feel good.Then priest tells to put on sindoor. Manjiri hands sindoor to Omkar. Omkar puts it in her hairline without seeing her face. He again recalls  when he had put sindoor for  Mayura. Manjiri gets happy as marriage is finally over.

Omkar feels satisfied. Omkar and bride goes to pray to God. Omkar says line Mayura created are nothing but just a scar, just like the scar on her face. Suddenly heavy winds start blowing and there is a storm. Due to wind cloth flies off Mayura’s face and Omkar sees her face reflection in the water. He gets shocked. He shouts Mayura. Mayura shows her face to everyone.

They feel disgusted seeing the mark on her face. Omkar gets hysteric. He keeps shouting for her to go away. Mayura says they got married twice now they will be together for 14 births. She says now Omkar and Mayura have become Mayukar. She keeps going near him but he keeps getting hysteric. Then she goes to Manjiri and asks her to give blessing.

Manjiri says her to stay away. She feels disgusted. She asks how did Mayura replace Ashwaria. Mayura Says only Manjiri is intelligent and asked the correct question.  She goes on explaining and a flashback is shown of  how Tara saved her from the room, then Tara said she cannot let Omkar marry someone else. She asks Mayura if she is ok with marrying same Omkar again.

Mayura says yes and she has to do it.. Tara says it’s her battle and she can make best decision. She blesses her and wishes her good luck. Mayura heartily thanks her and tells there are few people who don’t discriminate between male and female and she is one of them. Then they go to Ashwaria’s room where she is getting ready and make Ashwaria unconscious. Then Mayura successfully replace her. Mayura says this is how she did it.


Mayura goes near Omkar who is on floor and tells he is trapped now.

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