Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th March 2021 Written Update: Mayura’s plan to escape fails

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tara suddenly crying,so Omkar moves away from Mayura and looks at baby. Mayura quickly uses makeup to hide the scar well. Manjiri talks to her friend Ranjana on call who tells her she met Ashutosh on airport. She says that when she told Mayura’s father about being Manjiri’s friend he panicked and left hurriedly. Manjiri gets curious. Omkar tells Mayura that GuruMa has kept havan for her, Mayura gets shocked hearing that. Omkar says he will take Tara with him to roam around.

Mayura calls and informs Ashutosh that she will go temple at 4 o clock and anyhow meet Ashutosh by 5. She says she has to free her daughter from this house. Later she gets ready and asks Omkar when will they go to temple. Manjiri says they dont need to go anywhere as she has made all arrangements at home. She assures Mayura that Guru Ma won’t come. Manjiri thinks she cannot trust Mayura so its unsafe to let her go outside. Mayura also thinks now it would be difficult for her to escape.

Omkar and Mayura start doing the havan. Mayura gets tensed as heat can melt prosthetics away and reveal her scar. Ashutosh texts Mayura to ask if she left from house yet. Mayura worries if she can leave on time. She keeps checking time. Suddenly she starts coughing loudly. She says its due to flames. Mayura says Omkar if it takes longer, Tara may get cough too. Omkar tells priest to hurry up. Mayura prays to goddess to show her some way out. She thinks of some idea. She asks Omkar if they can have little celebration as she wants to have fun with her daughter too.

Omkar believes her words and says they will surely have celebration and everyone starts dancing together. Someone drops a plate full of colors on Mayura. Manjiri takes Tara from Mayura’s hands and asks Omkar to go and wash Mayura’s eyes as color has entered inside. He picks up Mayura and in arms and cleans her face. He gets shocked to see her mark and shouts at her angrily for lying to him and getting closer to Tara.

Mayura says she is her daughter too. Omkar and Mayura have arguments. Omkar asks Mayura if she thinks he wouldn’t know the truth. Manjiri says did she want to run away with Tara as her father had booked flight tickets. Omkar asks Mayura if this is true. Shankar tries to calm him down. Ashutosh calls Mayura but Manjiri receives it loudspeaker. He asks if Mayura left with Tara as they are waiting for her. Omkar asks Mayura how could she think of taking Tara away from him. Mayura cries and asks him to give Tara to her. Omkar goes to room with Tara. Mayura keeps begging him to open the door.

Omkar says Mayura that she can become a mother only if Tara addresses her as mother but he will never let that happen. Mayura cries badly and begs Omkar not to separate her from Tara. Inside the room Tara keeps crying but Omkar doesn’t let Mayura come inside. Omkar says he has taken a decision which will bring happiness for both Omkar and Tara.

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