Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Weekly Update : Mayura and Ishan’s marriage gets fixed while Omkar gets engaged to Naina.

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Last week, Mayura wakes up and recalls how Omkar was arrested. She wants to go outside but Bela comes there and stops her. Vishakha talks about factory project and tells she wants to meet Mayura. Mayura comes there with Bela and smiles confidently at Vishakha. Vishakha asks her several questions and Mayura sarcastically answers those. Vishakha tells Ishan always talks about her and asks her if she likes sword fighting.

Vishakha says yes and she even had used sword many times and recalls how she had killed Omkar and Mayura. Mahesh asks Mayura to give snacks to Vishakha. Vishakha sees the OM birth mark on her palm and asks about it. Mayura says its symbol Om like short form of Omkar. Then she says that her mother was devotee of Lord Shiva whose other name is Omkar so.

Mayura locks Bela inside storeroom and leaves from there. At police station, Omkar’s mother requests police to release Omkar but he pushes her away. Mayura comes to police station and scolds him for misbehaving with senior citizen. She gives statement against her father.

Police denies and says her father had made a complaint so he should give his statement too. Mayura says she has another method to get Omkar released. Sachin unlocks storeroom and gets Bela out. He gets call from someone and informs Mahesh about the same. They switch on television to see Mayura with all the reporters giving her statement of how her family had trapped Omkar because he was fighting against the chemical factory project in Azadnagar. Public start saying police to release Omkar. Vishakha also comes there when she hears Omkar’s name. She gets stunned to see Omkar and wonders how is it possible. Mayura tells she and Omkar has met to fight against the evil forces. Vishakha goes away being shocked. Mayura holds Omkar’s hands, but Naina removes it. Omkar asks Naina what is she doing. He takes Mayura’s side. However his mother asks Mayura to go away from Omkar if she wants his well being. Mayura says she won’t go away in this birth. Vishakha helps Omkar’s mother on road when she gets hurt due to bike. She comes to Omkar’s house on pretext of dropping his injured mother. She asks her if she stays alone. Omkar’s mother calls him.

Omkar comes and meets Vishakha. He gets puzzled and asks if they have met before. He tells that she looks familiar. Vishakha gets nervous but changes the topic and says that they have never met before. Naina comes there and recalls Vishakha is same lady whom she had seen earlier taking pictures of the area. She tells the same to Omkar. Omkar gets shocked. Vishakha starts acting and says if he is same Omkar who fought for the people and she tells as soon as she knew about people’s health being affected, she had immediately asked to stop the chemical factory project. Omkar asks her not to pretend and asks her to leave his house immediately. Vishakha gives a proposal to Mahesh to get Mayura married with Ishan. Bela and Sachin get very happy hearing it. Bela goes to Mayura’s room with garland and teases her. Bela tells her that her marriage is fixed. Mayura asks her what nonsense is she speaking. Bela tells her about her mother in law ie Vishakha waiting downstairs.

Naina brings juice for Omkar’s mother and takes care of her. Omkar’s mother asks Omkar to marry Naina. He gets shocked while Naina is happy hearing that. Mayura comes to meet Vishakha and looks at her fiercely. She tells Mahesh that she won’t marry Ishan. She starts telling about Vishakha being a criminal but Mahesh slaps Mayura and shuts her up. Mayura shouts about Vishakha killing people. At Omkar’s home, his mother asks him why he cannot marry Naina and if Mayura is the reason. Mayura and Vishakha confront each other and Vishakha tells her if she remembered everything of past. Mayura warns Vishakha that once Omkar unites with her, they will together be the end of Vishakha.

At Omkar’s house, his mother has locked herself inside her room but as soon as hears Omkar’s scream, she comes out to check what happened. Omkar stands with food and tells her he knew she will not ignore if he gets hurt so he did that. She again tells him the same things. Omkar is confused about the happenings. Naina offers him tea and tells this will make him feel better. He feels guilty and asks Naina for forgiveness as he cannot marry her. Naina says she knows he doesn’t love her but rather likes Mayura a lot. She makes a confession of her love to Omkar but also says she has seen love for Mayura in his eyes.

Naina tells Omkar she has loved him from a long time and will keep loving even if he doesn’t love her back. She even agrees to marry him even though he cannot love her. Omkar gets more in dilemma after hearing all this. Dai Ma mixes alcohol in sweets and feeds the security guards. Mayura was about to leave but Bela comes there. DM asks her if has done her preparations for Mayura’s wedding.

Ishan tells Vishakha why she fixed the marriage as Mayura doesn’t love him romantically. Vishakha tells him that Mayura is just fascinated by Omkar’s self respect and soon will forget all this. She tells once they get married, Mayura will fall in love with him. Ishan gets very happy and thanks her. Mayura comes to Omkar’s house but gets utterly shocked seeing Omkar and Naina having their tilak ceremony. She feels broken and asks Omkar if he loves Naina. Omkar tells he will marry only Naina. He holds Mayura’s hand and drags her out. She tries to make him realize about their past but Omkar’s mother tells him that he will see her dead face if he listens to her. Omkar asks Mayura to either leave or stay and watch his tilak ceremony with Naina. Omkar’s mother finishes the ritual for Naina and Omkar’s tilak ceremony. They see something written on the wall, Omkar feels something but doesn’t recall anything about past. His mother says that must have been written by Mayura and Naina rubs it off. At Mayura’s home, Bela is intoxicated due to sweet she ate and acts bit crazy.

Vishakha thinks she had planned to come suddenly so that if Mahesh finds Mayura missing he will increase her security but her plan flopped. Mayura asks Vishakha why she looks tensed as if her plan got flop. Vishakha says she just came to give her some gifts and asks her to tell her choice. Mayura keeps taunting Vishakha. She tells Mahesh he didn’t ask her choice about groom then why is he asking about all this. She tells Ishan that they are of same generation so he should understand how it feels to get married against own choice.

Mayura tells Vishakha that she wasted so much money on gifts but she just wants a white kafan for Vishakha. Ishan asks Mayura what is she saying. Mahesh tries to shut her up but Mayura says now his actions wont affect her. Earlier she obeyed him due to respect but she no more feels it. She tells Vishakha that her birthmark Om is for her Omkar, her liking towards sword fighting is also because of past connection and her Omkar was Sangemarmar Sartaj of marble factory.

Vishakha is taken aback. Mahesh tells Sachin to take Mayura to her room as she isnt well. Mayura stops him and tells she will definitely get married but only to her Omkar. Vishakha blackmails Mahesh about business and asks him to continue preparations for wedding. Ishan tells Vishakha that Mayura had insulted her so he doesn’t want to marry her anymore. Vishakha manipulates him and asks if Mayura will look good with low class Omkar or him. Ishan answers of course himself and agrees to marry. Mayura writes Omkar and Mayura on her mirror.

Omkar comes to meet Mayura. She hugs him happily and asks if he remembered everything. He denies and asks her to leave from his life. Mayura tells her marriage has been fixed with Ishan but she also requests him to once visit Jabalpur and go to Narmada ghat and marble factory. Omkar challenges her that even after visiting those places if he doesn’t recall anything, Mayura and Omkar should never meet again. Later Mayura practices sword fighting, Bela comes and asks her what did she make her eat but Mayura denies about it.

Omkar also practices sword fighting as he recalls whatever Mayura had said him. His mother sees him tensed and thinks to do something. She goes to Mayura’s house and tells them to stop Mayura from troubling her son. Omkar is surprised to hear that Vishakha wants to pay for his education in Singapore. He asks the reason for that. She lies that she has seen potential in him and the way he wants to help his community people. Omkar’s mother emotionally forces Omkar to accept the offer and so he does.

Mehendi girl asks what name is her to be husband’s name , Mayura tells her to write Omkar. But Bela comes there and says its Ishan and not Omkar. Mayura gets message from Omkar that she should stop texting him. They have a videocall and Mayura asks Omkar if he is going to Jabalpur. He denies and tells he is going to Singapore. Omkar wonders why even though everything is being fine, he doesn’t feel anything right.
Mayura takes a vow to give up eating or even drinking water and starts praying to Goddess. Dai Ma gets worried about her. Bela provokes Sachin against Mayura. Ishan comes to meet Mayura. Ishan gets angry and is about to hit her. While in upcoming episodes Omkar will visit Jabalpur!

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