Rabb Se Hai Dua 18th January 2023 Written Update: Gulnaaz spikes Dua’s water

Rabb Se Hai Dua 18th January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Gulnaaz instigating Gazal against Hina and Dua. She proclaims that they are hiding the truth about her mother’s death from her. She encourages Gazal to find the truth out and proclaims that it will make her know the real face of Dua and Hina. She states that Dua isn’t doing any favor to Gazal, but instead is trying to rectify their mistake. Gazal denies to believe it and says that she trust Dua blindly. She confronts the latter and proclaims that she is trying to manipulate her against Hina and Dua. She declares that she have seen the genuine care of Dua towards her and states that she can’t distrust her.

Here, Gulnaaz stops Gazal and ask that why she don’t want to believe the truth? She ask her to follow her instructions and proclaims that by doing so she will learn the truth. She motivates Gazal to learn about the secret which everyone is hiding from her. She also ask Gazal to get Haider from Dua, as he belongs to her rather then the latter.

Gazal gets shocked by Gulnaaz’s words and says that she can’t snatch Dua’s husband. Gulnaaz lashes out at Gazal and states that Haider belonged to her but Dua came in between them and snatched him from her. She proclaims that why Dua shows so much of care towards Gazal? She continues that it is because she wants to rectify her mistake as well as to keep the truth away from her.

Elsewhere, Gazal gives a warning to Gulnaaz that if she is trying to instigate her against Dua then she won’t spare her. She also proclaims that if Gulnaaz is telling the truth and she found about Dua and Hina being involved in hiding the truth from her, then she won’t leave them and will make them pay for their mistake.

Gulnaaz smirks seeing her plan working, while Haider recalls Gazal’s words that Dua went out. He gets upset with her that how she left Hina alone in the house. He was unaware of Gazal’s lie and gets angry at Dua. But, Ravi makes him understand about the value of Dua and Haider calms down.

Ahead, Dua checks the printer and sees the newspaper article. She concludes that someone is trying to scare Hina and determines to find the culprit. She confronts Gulnaaz and gives her a warning, while the latter blurts out the truth in the interrogation. Dua threatens Gulnaaz before leaving.

Gulnaaz gets furious at Dua and proclaims to do something to her, as she can become a hindrance in her plan. She smirks getting an idea while Dua sees Raahat looking at his pictures with Haider. She goes inside his room while he shares his pain with her. He gets emotional while Dua consoles him. He determines to rectify his mistake by providing all the love and care towards Haider.

Further, Haider gets into a conversation with Dua while she assures that she will look after Hina. She goes inside her room and locks all the doors and windows. But she missed to notice Gulnaaz hiding inside the bed. The latter mixes some medicine in Dua’s water while the latter drinks it. She looks after Hina and then sleeps besides her. Gulnaaz smirks and then starts scaring Hina. The latter gets afraid and ask her to spare Haider. She proclaims that the mistake was her and ask Dua to wake up, but the latter gets unconscious and a white fog comes out from her mouth.

The episode ends.

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