Radha realizes the importance of ‘Love’ over ego through Krishn’s actions!  


Radha realizes the importance of ‘Love’ over ego through Krishn’s actions!



Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s larger than life mythological love story RadhaKrishn has created a major breakthrough on television making it a one of its kind genre that has struck a chord with the audiences through all age groups with a wide reach.


The show which has clearly focused on visually appealing its viewers, deeply emphasizes our deep rooted culture to showcase every aspect of it keeping in mind the most minute and important details to point!


The show which recently witnessed a major track where Krishn finally puts an end to the dreaded demon who tried to destroy the Navratri Mela, now progresses towards a sequence where Radha realizes the true meaning of love and how it is above everything!


A source shares, ‘Ahead in RadhaKrishn, the Mela gets over and after counting all the money collected from it, Radha realizes that the amount to be paid back to the loan givers is falling short of some money. Sensing the situation, Krishn takes the onus onto him and bows down for forgiveness himself in front of the loan givers! Radha is shocked by Krishn’s gesture and this is what results in her ending her ego to realize that love is above ego and it is only love that can rise above all.”

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