Real revenge and game begins in Ishq Mein Marjawan!

Colors TV show Ishq Mei Marjawan is all set to bid the adieu. Show is a suspense thriller and it gripped the audiences with its storyline that everyday raises the curiosity as who is the real master mind all the crimes.

First doubt goes to deep, as it is very difficult to understand his shade. The salt and sweet attitude of his really confuses the audience.

But deep tells Aarohi in the episodes that he is stuck between the wrong peoples but he wants to end all this. Deep says to her that he wants to become a good person. Aarohi listens to him and promises him to support her. She assures him that she will stand by his side and together they will face all the upcoming hurdles. Deeps gets angry on her and says it’s not that easy and goes from there.

Meanwhile, Aarohi goes to confront Randhir for playing games with her. Randhir clams her down and makes a plan to catch the real culprit.

Aarohi makes food for the family and everyone eats it except Deep’s father. Someone mixes poison in their food and Deep, kia , Vasu and Aarohi faints down.

In the upcoming episode, will see Randhir, Tarang and the doctor find Aarohi in a bad condition. On the other hand, Deep checks on Kia.

So, who is playing the real master mind? Do Deep has a change of heart for real or he is double crossing Aarohi? Is Deep’s father too is partners in crime or if not them then who is playing the real game? Well, for all the answers keep watching Ishq Mein Marjawan and do let us know how much you gonna miss the show.

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