Radhakrishn: Krishna and Balram’s secret mission!

In the upcoming episode of Radhakrishn, we will see Krishna moving out with Balram to carryout a secret mission which possibly is related to the threats made by Kans. Kans has planned to kill Krishna as soon as he reaches Mathura and has also sent his Asur to Krishna in disguise of Radha. Krishna instantly recognizes the asur and informs him that Kans is not going to get his wishes fulfilled easy. Now that Krishna is leaving with Balram, he requests Radha to meet him one last time. Radha is in dilemma with Krishna’s request as she is torn between the feelings in her heart to go meet him one last time and her duties and responsibilities as a daughter in law.

Radha initially refused to comply to Krishna’s request which leaves Krishna with no option but leaves without meeting her. Radha will get to know in the coming episode that Krishna has set out for leaving the place, then she will just listen to her heart and follow their steps to meet Krishna. What will happen once they meet? Is it seriously going to be their last meeting? What turn will Radha and Krishna’s lives take after this wedding of hers with Ayan?

Will Kans be able to devise a plan to harm Krishna as he wishes? What is the secret mission that Krishna and Balram are going to take on? There are lots of questions that have arisen at the moment. The answers to which are only in the upcoming track of the show. Thus, get back on your seats and don’t miss out on this significant point of the storyline of this show.

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