RadhaKrishnn 14th August 2020 Written Update: Krishna stops Shakuni and Duryodhan

RadhaKrishnn 14th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Krishna says to Arjun that we have to reach Hastinapur as soon as possible. Arjun understands the gravity of the situation and accelerates the speed of the cart. Duryodhan is getting impatient while sitting in the puja and he is constantly asking the brahmans to speed up their proceedings and complete the entire process more swiftly. The brahmins gets offended by his behaviour when Shakuni asks him to keep quiet and says such things take time. Duryodhan walks up to the throne of a Hastinapur and sits on it. Shakuni is about to put the mukut on his head when Krishna in the assembly hall and announces why so much hurry to do the proceedings without us. Angry to see his plan is failing and one after another everybody entered the assembly hall along with Kunti and the other pandavas and Bhisma, Vidur and Dronacharya.

Dronacharya ask Dhritarashtra what are you doing in this hour of night? that too by hiding it from all of us. Dhritrashtra was not able to answer properly because he is fumbling when Duryodhan comes in front of him and says he is the king of this entire empire. He doesn’t need to give any explanations to anybody for his actions. All of you are dedicated servants of this throne of Hastinapur hence you do have some duties and responsibilities but don’t have any right to questions that decisions. He even said some ugly words to Krishna as well and called him and unwanted guests in their palace. Arjun slams Duryodhan for insulting Krishna as he is a guest of Pandavas and Kunti.

Bhishma says that not only Pandavas but I am also the one who invited Krishna to Hastinapur personally and he is not an outsider but a close relative of our family. Balram gets angry to see the bad behaviour of Duryodhan for Krishna. Dhritrashtra asked for an apology from Krishna on behalf of Duryodhan and his bad behaviour. Gandhari welcomes all the Pandavas and also asks Kunti and Draupadi to come with her to the Rani Mahal. Arjun gives Facebook to Krishna first day and said that this used to be my favourite room but I want you to stay so that the room and its gravity increases more with your presence. He says to Krishna that he felt bad when Duryodhan insulted him in front of all. Arjun says I felt like doing a fight with him and teach him a lesson for bad behaviour. Krishna says do not take any decisions of life in extreme emotional state. This will lead you to more problems and destructions rather than something constructive. He says right now it is your duty to give your opinion for the selection of the next king of Hastinapur.

Precap – Yudhistir asks for division of Hastinapur. Arjun was asked about his opinion and he is in dilemma when Krishna says it is the right opportunity for you to asks for your rights.