RadhaKrishnn Ek Ananth Prem Gatha 1st April Written Update: Krishn’s birth celebration in Gokul

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Vasudev lands in Nand’s house in Gokul and sees everyone is a statue. Vasudev understands that Krishn’s birth is for a great goal for the world .He exclaims that  Yashoda and Nand will give love to Krishn and keeps him in the hands of Daai and exchanges him with the baby alrrady present im the hands of Daai . Vasudev  ask forgiveness from Krishn He leaves from Gokul and all the people come to their original phase.

. Daai congratulates Yashoda telling her that its a boy . The people make fun of Yashoda for  being protective of Krishn and looks at him while praising his beauty . Krithida gains conciousness and  panics to the thought of previous nights incidents . Vrishbhan consoles her about Radha being safe . Krithida runs to see Radha  and discloses her grief that she couldn’t make Radha  watch her world .

 Nand asks Kalkacharya about the yanuma fucntion and sees all the animals run to their home. Yashoda runs home and find all the animals bow down to the craddle and there is a divine light. She sees Krishn inside safe and sound smiling at her . She gets extrmeley happy seeing all the animals come to see Krishn . Yashoda takes Krishn and says that Krishn is ruling tje entire worlds heart . She further calls him Mannmohana.  Kalkaacrcharya assures Nand that he is blessed that he could get a glimpse of Krishn. Also tells him that Krishn  will be the centre of attraction and will free people from illusion. He names him Krishn

Meanwhile Radha blabbers the word Krishn to which Vrishbhan is extrmely happy and request her to speak once again. Krithida tells him that his friend Nand and Yashoda has been blessed with a boy . Vrissbnan tells that he wont go to gokul cause his priority is his girl also .

Yashoda is seen tieing too many black thread to Krishn to save him from evil sprits Nand is seem laughing at this and Yashoda tells him that its her duty to save and protect Krishn  . They go to meet the villagers and keep Balram to safeguard Krishn 

Balram makes fun of krishn and tells him that entire Gokul is happy and he is stuck in craddle  He further teases him by saying that he is sad cause he was unable to meet Radha yesterday.  Krishn recollects the promise given to Radha. Balram further adds that Radha stays in Barsana and he cannot even walk how will he reach Barsana from Gokul.  .Pootna  entres Nand’s  house.

Will Krishn meet Radha ? Will Pootna be able to accomplish her mission? 

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