Rajjo 17th January 2023 Written Update: Arjun saves Rajjo

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The episode starts with Rajjo asking Arjun why he didn’t let her die if he can’t tolerate her presence and wants to get rid of her. She demands an answer from him. Arjun says that will do anything to keep her away from him. Arjun and Rajjo cry placing their hands on the door. He closes the door on her face. Roke Na Ruke Naina plays in the BG. Arjun regrets spoiling his last meet with Rajjo before going to USA. He decides to apologize to Rajjo and goes to find her. On his way, Manorama gives the fruits that she cut for Rajjo and requests him to feed it to her else she will go to the academy for blood checkup empty stomach.

Arjun is finding Rajjo. He spots Rajjo sitting and lamenting. Rajjo says that Arjun must have a reason for his behavior, but he refuses to tell it to her. Arjun overhears this standing behind her. Rajjo receives call from the academy and leaves. Arjun wishes to express his love for Rajjo to her before leaving to UUS. On the other hand, Manorama wonders what happened between Arjun and Rajjo. She thinks of taking Rajjo to the academy. Just then, she notices the empty bottle of steroid and realizes that the nurse gave it to Rajjo instead of vitamins injection. She recalls the nurse telling about the blood checkup. Manorama understands that it’s Pushkar’s plan to ruin her sports career. She goes to find Rajjo and stop her from doing blood checkup. On her way, she meets Madhu who searches for Arjun. They go on opposite direction to find Rajjo and Arjun. Manorama finds Rajjo’s phone outside the house and wonders whether she left for academy. Inside the house, Madhu cries when she doesn’t find Arjun at home. Chirag says that he received Arjun’s message. He says that Arjun is leaving for USA. Madhu grows anxious after hearing this. He recalls Arjun’s words. Kalindi wonders why Arjun suddenly decides to leave for USA. Chirag tries to call Arjun. Madhu shouts and asks Chirag to bring Arjun at any coast. Swara asks where Rajjo is. She says that maybe she knows about Arjun’s whereabouts.

In the academy, Rajjo is standing in the queue to give the blood test. Pushkar watches Rajjo. Manorama is unable to get auto to reach academy. So she decides to reach academy by running. Arjun is shown driving his car. He receives Rajjo’s call. Arjun receives it and apologizes to Rajjo for his misconduct towards her and says that he acted that way for her well being. He is shocked to hear Manorama saying that Rajjo is in trouble.

Rajjo’s turn comes to give blood checkup. Pushkar thinks that her game is over today and leaves. Arjun drags Rajjo away from there before she can do her blood checkup. The nurse wonders where Rajjo has gone and calls out her name. Pushkar arrives there and wonders where Rajjo could go.

Arjun and Rajjo are on their way. Rajjo argues with Rajjo and asks Arjun why he prevented her from doing her blood checkup. She demands Arjun an answer. Arjun recalls his earlier conversation with Manorama over phone. A FB shows. Manorama says to Arjun that the nurse gave Rajjo steroid injection instead of vitamins injection. Manorama says that someone wants to break Rajjo’s dream and ruin her career. Arjun first think that Manorama could have a misconceptions. Manorama says that the nurse was nervous while injecting Rajjo and she urged Rajjo to go to the academy for blood checkup within an hour. She says that Rajjo has left for academy. Arjun is shocked to hear this and assures Manorama to save Rajjo. FB ends. Rajjo is arguing with Arjun. She says that Arjun continues to keep hurting her by his actions. She notices that they’re going out of Lucknow. Rajjo urges Arjun to stop the car. She threatens Arjun that she will jump out of the running car. Arjun holds Rajjo’s hand. Rajjo shouts at Arjun and asks him to go leaving her if he wants the same. Arjun asks Rajjo to shut up. As they both are arguing, Arjun fail to see the truck coming. They face an minor accident. Arjun and Rajjo worry about each other and ask if the other is fine. Arjun scolds Rajjo for the accident. They get stuck there. Rajjo argues with Arjun and blames him for the accident. She accuses him of ruining of career by preventing her from doing the blood checkup. She tells him what the nurse told her. Arjun says that he saved her from getting banned from running for using steroid. He says that the nurse gave her steroid injection, not vitamins and if she has done the blood checkup she would have been banned from playing sports. Rajjo is shocked to hear this.

The episode ends.

Precap: Manorama says to Rajjo that no one needs her here and asks her to leave this house. She is about to leave dragging Rajjo with her. Rajjo stops and asks Arjun if he won’t stop her. Rajjo says that they should decide the future of their relationship. She asks, Arjun to decide whether he wants to stop her or lose her forever.

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