Rajjo 19th January 2023 Written Update: Rajjo takes care of Arjun

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The episode starts with Arjun burning few of his clothes that he took ou of his luggage as Rajjo is trembling due to coldness. Rajjo looks at Arjun feeling emotional. In Thakurs mansion, Madhu is surprised when Guruma pays her a sudden visit. Guruma says that Madhu has called her so many times, so sne came. Madhu cries and says to Guruma that Arjun and Rajjo didn’t grow closer yet and Arjun is now leaving to US. Guruma says that only Rajjo can save Arjun’s life.

Here, Arjun feels dizzy and rests his head on Rajjo’s shoulder. Rajjo touches Arjun and realizes that he isn’t well. She realizes that Arjun forgot to take his medicine. She makes him lie on a cot. There Madhu asks Guruma tell a solution. Guruma says that there’s no solution other than Rajjo dying to save Arjun’s life. She says that as Rajjo is still alive, nothing can be done now. Here, Rajjo takes care of an unwell Arjun. She hopes that he will get soon as she has given him his medicine. There, Madhu cries when Guruma says that Arjun can’t be saved as he distanced himself from Rajjo.

Here, Arjun drags Rajjo close to him. Rajjo lies next to him. Arjun hugs Rajjo and says that he doesn’t want to lose her. He is about to say that he loves her alot. But he doesn’t finish his sentence. Rajjo asks him to say it as she is longing to hear it. Arjun comes on top of Rajjo. He realizes his position and is about to get up But Rajjo holds him closer to her. However Arjun’s consciousness warns him. He gets up refusing to risk Rajjo’s life. Rajjo asks Arjun what happened. Arjun thinks in mind that he became weak and apologizes to her for that in mind. Arjun says to Rajjo that they should leave now. Rajjo hugs Arjun from behind. She says that they can stay here till afternoon, till he gets completely well. Arjun harshly removes Rajjo’s hand from his chest. He says that he is fine, so they should leave. Rajjo asks Arjun to tell what’s in his mind and completes his words. She repeats his words. Arjun says that he was blabbering. Rajjo is certain that he was expressing his feelings for her. She says that she can’t tolerate being left hanged like this and urges Arjun to finish what he wanted to say. Arjun asks Rajjo to stop acting childish as they have to leave.

Rajjo gives Arjun the ticket. She says that this ticket isn’t needed to walk out of someone’s heart, he can simply walk out of it leaving behind broken pieces of the heart. She asks him to leave as he is getting late to go far from her. She leaves. Naina song play in the BG.

Madhu scolds Manorama when the latter hangs the call without giving it to her after talking to Arjun. Chirag arrives there. Madhu asks Chirag to redial Arjun’s number as she doesn’t know his American number. Manorama says that Arjun is here with Rajjo. She adds that they can’t contact them as their both phone got switched off. Madhu feels a bit relieved after hearing this. Arjun takes Rajjo to the academy for her blood test as she can’t take part in the race without passing it. Rajjo says to Arjun that she can do it alone and doesn’t need his help. She goes inside the room. Arjun prays to God that Rajjo should pass the blood test.

Rajjo is lost in her thought and doesn’t open her fist even after the collection of the blood. Chirag and Niharika ask Rajjo to open her fist, but she doesn’t open it. Niharika asks Rajjo where Arjun is. Rajjo comes to reality and opens her fist. Chirag and Niharika take her out. Pushkar arrives and declares that Rajjo’s blood test is invalid as she was told to come the previous day and she also came, but left without giving the test. Arjun arrives and says that it’s not possible as Rajjo was with him the whole day. Chirag also confirms the same. Pushkar asks where they were. Arjun says that he doesn’t need to say it as it’s between husband and wife. People starts gossiping about Pushkar’s behavior. Niharika calms them down and asks them to wait for the report’s result. The report arrives anf Rajjo passes it. But Pushkar refuses to accept it anf asks him to get out. He disqualifies Rajjo, shocking the latter.

The episode ends.

Precap: Manorama says to Rajjo that shouldn’t stay anymore here as Arjun’s need got fulfilled and he doesn’t need her anymore. Rajjo asks Arjun to decide the fate of their relationship and asks if he wants to stop her or let her go forever.

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