Rocky to doubt RV’s intention: Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji

Next in Star Plus show Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, Rocky will realize that RV is using his grief to manipulate Happy.

RV calls Happy and tells her that he got bail and its Ranveer’s last rituals. RV asks Happy if he still believe him. Happy says she can’t doubt him. Rocky hears that and asks her how she can still believe RV. Happy says to save you RV killed his own brother. How can they misunderstand his honesty? Rocky gets upset and left the place saying she trust RV more than him.

RV done Ranveer’s final rites and says he has love only two people in life, Ranveer and Happy and if I could kill Ranveer, then I can do anything to not let Happy go away. He promises that he will marry her. Otherside, Simmi thinks why Happy and Rocky is not confessing love for each other. She thinks she needs to do something to make both of them to confess love for each other. Later, Sania comes home and calls for Rocky. Happy stops her from meeting her. Happy and Sania fights and Sania chokes her throat. Rocky comes to recuse Happy. Rocky warns them if they will harm Happy anymore then he will leave the city with her.

In the upcoming episode will see, Sania will say Rocky can’t be with Happy. Madhu will blackmail Rocky and will ask him to stay away from Happy. Otherside, Rocky will be shocked when RV will come to meet Happy. He will realize that RV is using his pain to again Happy’s sympathy.

What Rocky will do next to bring out RV’s truth will be interesting to watch. Do Happy will believe him or not, for all the answers keep watch Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji.

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