Roja 20th January 2021 Written Update: Kalpana learns the truth

Roja 20th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Pooja appologize to Arjun and Roja for arguing with Annapoorna. She reasoned that she badmouthed at her parents which she disliked that’s why she showed anger on her. Arjun replies no issues everyone will get angry if someone badmouth at our parents. She will enjoy this moment instead of tensed about it all. Arjun says to Aswin he might take care of Pooja because she is his wife now. Roja says its their thala pongal coming so he wanna gift her something special.

Aswin leaves with Pooja. Kalpana hears their conversation and feels heartbroken. Arjun and Roja coming there Kalpana push them away and rushed outside of the shop. Arjun and Roja get scared and follow her. Arjun tries to stop her but she pushed him away. He again tries to stop her she holds his collar and questions him what did they said there? Arjun asks to her everyone selecting sarie there why did She leaving? She questions him back doesn’t he need mom when he is choosing his wife?

In which relationship he bring her here? Arjun stands there stunned. Kalpana says to Roja that she is supporting her in the hope she will never lie to her. She ask her to confess all truth to her. Roja cries and inform to her that Aswin married Pooja. Kalpana feels like dizzy Arjun hold her. She pushed his hand away and shouts on them don’t touch her. She starts to cry that her both son betrayed her.

Annapoorna used to complain to her that her upbringing is worst. She is accepting it she didn’t bring her son in good manners. She is the worst mother. Arjun says to her nothing like that her sons are the best. Aswin didn’t marry her intentionally its an accident he rescued Pooja. He narrates to her everything. Kalpana feels convinced by it.

Arjun and Roja brings back Kalpana to shopping mall. Kalpana goes to select for her. Anu is selecting sarie while watching Aswin and Pooja. They are busy in selecting dress for Pooja. She place down her hand bag there and go with Aswin. Anu calls Balu and ask him to stole Pooja bag. He deny it. Anu says to him that she insulted her so she wanna take revenge on her. Balu says that cctv is there he will be caught red handed. Anu replies its not working. Balu stole her bag Anu place one sarie inside it.

Pratap pays the bill and about to go. Staff informs to manage one 45000rs sarie is missing. He ask the staff to check everyone. She checks them and finds nothing. Pooja comes there with Aswin to pay bill. Staff check her bag too but didn’t find it. Anu gets confused. Staff checked Anu bag and find the sarie in it. Manager makes fun of her. Arjun talks with him and pay the bill for her. He informs to Anu that he stared her plan and repeat it to her. Anu glaring him.

Ambalavanan and his wife discussing about Roja. Shenbagam comes there with Shankaran to check their BP. Shankaran says that fate playing different game here. Shenbagam searching for her parents here they are ignored by her son. Shenbagam says she will talk with her son. She deny it by saying he don’t need them so she don’t wanna disturb him. Shenbagam console them and leaves. Anu and Divya comes to hospital to check Shenbagam.

Episode end.