Lockdown Ki Love Story 25th November 2020 Written Update: Sonam gets to know about Pratap’s involvement

Lockdown Ki Love Story 25th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Dhruv says I will take rounds with Sonam only. He says to Milky to wear vermillion of anyone’s name. I will get married to her and will fulfill all my promises towards Sonam. Sonam congratulates Nutan to get a daughter-in-law of her own choice and she can play with her for the entire life and she is about to leave from the house. Sonam is about to leave but Nutan says there is another person who is responsible for this whole mess. Nutan reveals the name of Pratap and says your father is an equal contributor to this conspiracy. She asks her mother about the same and gets confirmation.

Dhruv says to Sonam that we will not bow down in front of these conspiracy makers. They will be successful in doing what they wanted. We are not responsible for whatever happened with us. So we will not gets defeated by them and will fight for our love. Sonam finally agrees to the marriage rituals and asks the elder brother of Dhruv to call the priest.

Nutan tries to stop Dhruv and Sonam but Dhruv says if you try to stop me then I will shoot myself and Nutan and Milky stopped by the place. The priest connected to them via video calling and he starts the proceedings. Dhruv asks him to volume up his chants and start the rituals for his marriage and tells Sonam the reason for which you came to Prayagraj, the dream you saw but these people broke, today is the time to fulfill that dream, that purpose.

Sonam recalls the immense amount of happiness and dreams with which she came to Prayagraj and how it all turned into a nightmare. She starts to take rounds with Dhruv around the fire. Milky comes to upper floor in the house and messed up the entire stuff of the room and she recalls what Sonam promised her. She thinks I have to do something to stop them and she straight way goes to the kitchen and messes the kitchen first and then she puts fire on herself just to make a scene out if it.

As soon as she lights up the matches she starts to scream to grab attention of the family members. She already locked the door of kitchen and when the family members are able to enter the kitchen arena she behaves like fainting. All come inside and see Milky in such a state and gets shocked. Nutan starts to cry that what she has done to herself!

Precap – Police came to take the statement of Milky and Nutan thinks she will give statement against Sonam and she will go to jail.

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