Saavi Ki Savaari 15th September 2022 Written Update: Saavi informs Nityam about the harasser

Saavi Ki Sawaari 15th September 2022 Written Update:on

Episode begins with Saavi wonders that what Nityam doing in the police station. She asks Police inspector that if he can see Nityam. Police inspector greets Nityam. He tells him that he forgot about his passport verification. He asks Saavi to wait for five minutes. He takes Nityam’s file and leaves the cabin. Nityam asks Saavi to wait near his car which is parked outside the police station. Saavi tells him that she has to talk to Police inspector. He tells her that she need not to talk to anyone. She leaves the police station. She notices Kiran there. They gossips about Nityam.

Nityam sends Kiran from there. He tells Saavi to get in the car. She tells him that Police inspector must be waiting for her. He tells her that no one waiting for her. He says that he told Police inspector that her problem has been solved. She asks him that why he said like that. She tells him that, that’s her personal matter. He tells her that Sonam is involved in that matter. She wonders that what if he call off the marriage. He asks her that what’s the matter. She tells him that college librarian harassing Sonam. She says that, that librarian is behind that ring.

She asks him to drive slowly. He tells Kiran to cancel all of his meetings. She realises that he is taking her to Sonam’s college. He calls Sonam but no response from other side. She tells him that Sonam told her to not tell anyone about harasser. He tells her that she must be lying about harasser and he will prove that. She remains silent. She tells him that she gets silent in anger.

On the other hand, Shivam calls Sonam and he tells her that he left his job to start his business. He informs her that he started catering business in their college. She notices Saavi’s auto outside the police station. Saavi picks Sonam’s call. She lies to her sister that she is going to her college to get notes so she parked her auto outside the police station. Nityam’s car gets stopped in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, Dimpy meets Sonam. She asks her to get in the car.

Nityam scolds Kiran. He asks him send service team to his location as soon as possible. Saavi starts changing the tyre. She tells him that she has to return to ujjain as soon as possible. She asks him to learn to change tyre. He helps her ( Title song plays in the background ). She tells him that he must be thinking a way to pay her. He asks her that how much she wants. She tells him that he can’t switch on the AC and he has to open the windows.

Dimpy tells Nutan that she came to talk about something important. She says that she will design Sonam’s marriage outfit. She says that she saw so many photos of Sonam in Kavitha’s profile. Nutan tells her that Kavitha is Sonam’s best friend. Dimpy sends everyone inside the house. She shows Sonam’s photos to Sonam. She asks her to invite Shivam. She thinks that something is fishy about Shivam for sure. Nityam and Saavi reaches Sonam’s college.

Episode ends. 

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