Saavi Ki Savaari 17th January 2023 Written Update: Saavi reaches the bus stand to stop Thasvi

Saavi Ki Savaari 17th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with one girl child Vindhi thanks Nityam because her family could pay her school fees due to him. Vedika tells Nityam that factory workers love him that’s why they are working there. Joshi tells Nityam that factory workers are happy because they can run their family and the latter is reason for it. Nityam asks Vindhi that if she know kite flying game. Saavi tells Vindhi that Nityam won’t know kite flying game but she know so she will teach her. Dimpy thinks that Saavi can fly how much she wants because she will cut Saavi’s rope. Saavi’s family comes there. Dalmias starts kite flying game. Nityam cuts his finger slightly so Saavi helps him. Nityam wins the kite flying game. He gets excited and he picks Vindhi. Dimpy thinks that she has to leave from there to keep Thasvi’s letter in Saavi’s purse. She pretends like she got a call and leaves from there.

Vedika asks Sonam that if the latter did not went to interview. Ratna tells her that Sonam will go to now. Vedika tells Sonam that she heard CEO is smart, young and handsome. Sonam tells her that just job matters for her. She leaves from there with Ratna. Nurse calls Ratna and informs her that Krishna regained his consciousness and he run away from the hospital. Ratna gets shocked hearing Nurse and she tells about it to Sonam.

Vedika asks Nityam that if he thinks Saavi don’t deserve this Manager position. Nityam tells her that he is happy Saavi achieved her goal. Saavi says that she don’t think she deserves this position. She tells Joshi that he has experience and skills so he deserves this position. Joshi tells Nityam that no one can beat Saavi. Nityam agrees with him. Joshi cut the ribbon and accepts the position of Manager.

Police inspector releases Shivam. Krishna goes to Police station and asks Police inspector to write his statement. Shivam gets happy seeing Krishna there and hugs him. He requests him to not give statement against Sonam. Police inspector asks Krishna about his statement. Krishna lies to him he don’t remember because he fell from the terrace so he will give his statement later and leaves from there. Shivam follows him. Sonam and Ratna sees everything.

Saavi gets Thasvi’s letter due to Dimpy. She reads the letter and learns about Thasvi’s elopement. She thinks that she has to stop Thasvi and she don’t have much time. She reaches the bus stand.

Nityam wonders that why Thasvi has not arrived yet. Himesh calls Thasvi. Dimpy takes him from there saying that she has something to tell him. Jeevika borrows Thasvi’s phone to call her brother. Thasvi takes her phone and gets in the bus with Thushar. Saavi stops the bus.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saavi tells Thasvi and Thushar what she can do for them. Thasvi tells her that she want to marry Thushar today. Saavi arranges their marriage. Himesh learns about it and scolds Nityam for using Saavi.

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