Saavi Ki Savaari 18th January 2023 Written Update: Saavi agrees for Thasvi and Thushar’s marriage

Saavi Ki Savaari 18th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi stops the bus. Thushar tells Thasvi that they can’t go in front of Saavi. Thasvi tells him that she has to meet Saavi because she trust Saavi will understand her. Meanwhile, Jeevika sees a small girl crying. One man buys chocolate and gives it to that girl and tells her that her parents sent him. Jeevika notices that and threatens to call the Police so that man runs from there. She asks the girl to not cry and introduces herself to her. She learns that, that girl’s name is Jyoti and she got lost. She promises to help her.

Saavi scolds Thasvi for taking this decision without caring about her family. Thasvi tells her that no one cares about her that’s why she felt loneliness in that house. Thushar tells Saavi that Dalmias won’t accept him. She tells him that she did not except this from him. She asks him that how can he assume that Dalmias won’t accept their love without talking to them. He tells her that Nityam did not accept her yet and why Nityam will accept him. She asks them that what she can do for them. Thushar tells her that he want to get married to Thasvi today.

On the other hand, Himesh asks Dimpy that why Saavi will help Thasvi to elope with factory worker. He says that Saavi won’t do something like that. Dimpy tells him that she heard Saavi talking to Thasvi. He tells her that he won’t believe her. She tells him that they have to go and check atleast for Thasvi’s sake. He tells her that he will throw her out of his life if she turned out to be wrong then. They leaves from there.

Saavi tells Thushar that she will talk to Dalmias. Thasvi asks her that if the latter can make sure their marriage happens today. Saavi agrees to make arrangements for their marriage which shocks Thushar. Thasvi thanks her.

Krishna scolds Shivam for not punishing Sonam. He tells him that he suffered a lot due to Sonam so he want justice. Shivam tells Krishna that the latter is his family. He says that he will take revenge on Sonam for sure. He requests him to trust him once and hugs him. Ratna tells Sonam that she is not understanding that why Shivam stopped Krishna. Sonam tells her that she is really lucky that’s why she did not get caught yet. Ratna sends her to give interview.

Saavi takes Thasvi and Thushar to the temple. She tries to call Nityam. Dimpy finds them and she shows them to Himesh. She tells him that she was not lying and Saavi is trying to ruin Thasvi’s life.

Gullu meets Nityam and tells him that Saavi took credit from his brother. Nityam calls Security guards and they throws Gullu out of the factory. Himesh calls Nityam and scolds him for trying to ruin Thasvi’s life using Saavi. Nityam tells him that he is not understanding anything. Himesh shows Saavi, Thasvi and Thushar to him and tells about the marriage.

Episode ends.

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