Saavi Ki Savaari 28th October 2022 Written Update: Saavi rides auto to admit Ratna in the hospital

Saavi Ki Savaari 28th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nityam and Saavi reaches Goyal house. Saavi’s neighbors welcomes them. Nityam tells Saavi that she got her dream welcome. He says that she must be feeling like princess. Saavi tells him that she is living there since beginning. They takes Nutan’s blessings. Saavi gets happy seeing Dillu. Nutan welcomes Nityam and Saavi. Everyone enters the house. Dillu tells Ratna that she did not inform him that Saavi coming today. He says that he has to stay to welcome Saavi. Ratna asks him to leave. He refuses to leave saying that he want money. He says that if she won’t give him money then he will expose her and Sonam. He asks her to get money from Nityam. He says that he will return after sometime and leaves from there.

Brijesh eats gulab jamun which was made by Saavi. He tells her that she made better gulab jamun than him. He asks Nityam that if the latter liked it. Nityam tells him that he don’t like too much sweet. Saavi says that it would have been good if he ate one instead of four. He says that he did not wanted to eat. Ananya tells him that Saavi made very tasty gulab jamun that’s why he could not control himself. He tells her that it’s not like that. Saavi asks him that why he ate four gulab jamun.

Nutan asks her to leave it. Sonam says that maybe Nityam did not realise that he ate four gulab jamun. Nityam says that Sonam is right. He says that he has to leave for office. Brijesh asks him to stay to have lunch. Nityam informs him that he have a meeting with NRI client so he will have lunch with him. He says sorry saying that he will eat any other day. Nutan tells him that that’s fine. Nityam leaves for office.

Saavi says that tomorrow is Sonam’s birthday so they have to plan birthday party. She goes to change. After some time, Nutan informs Saavi that principal came to meet her. She puts Saavi’s jewels and saree inside the cupboard. Principal reminds Saavi about the contract the latter signed with the school. She says that Saavi took advance too. She asks her to return the advance with interest because the latter can’t complete the contract now. Saavi tells her that she need time. Principal nods at her and leaves from there.

Nityam enters his room. He removes the gathbandhan curtain. He dances. Vedika joins him. He tells her that he is happy because he need not to share his room with Saavi today. She gets shocked hearing him. Ratna gets an attack. Brijesh suggests to take Ratna to hospital in Saavi’s auto.

Nityam tells Vedika that Saavi must be enjoying her auto ride now. Vedika tells him that that’s impossible. She says that Saavi won’t become an auto driver again. She asks him to bring Saavi. He tells her that Saavi know all the routes to return. She explains him about ‘pagphere’ ritual. He tells her about one lakh matter. Doctor says that Ratna’s condition is critical. Saavi asks him to start the treatment. He tells her that treatment is expensive and they have to pay first.

Vedika tells Nityam that Saavi did nothing wrong. She says that Saavi was the only earning person in Goyal family. She says that Saavi just helping her family. Sonam asks Saavi to use Dalmia’s money. She goes to fill the form. Saavi recalls that how Nityam called her as gold digger. Vedika asks Nityam that if the latter fulfilled his responsibility as son in law of Goyal family and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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