Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th October 2022 Written Update: Ram and Meera to mend their differences!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nandini blaming Ram for not choosing her because he has a choice but I don’t have a choice as whatever you will choose I need to agree to that. Ram says Shivi is gone but Ishan is here, he is like a kid to me. Nandini says I need to go as Priya will come here and I can’t handle her, as Pihu needs both of you, I only have Shubham so the division has to be done. Ram says I am here, I need my family back, it’s incomplete without you and Shubham which includes you both, Priya and Pihu. Ram says I have never asked anything from you today I am asking you not to break my family. Nandini says it’s best if I leave, you know I kept you above my kids but you proved we are not your own, I don’t have that big heart to stay here, but you have a big heart so give Shubham what he deserves and let us go, let him think of himself and his mother.

Ram cries and says don’t do this. Nandini goes from there. Here, Sandy is in the cafe and thinking how can the doll house explode? Is Shubham behind it? I need to think it through. Krish comes there and asks what is she thinking? Sandy says something is wrong with this situation, I called you to find the truth. Krish says everyone feels Ishan did it right? Sandy says I know it’s not Ishan as I have doubt on Shubham. Sandy shares her observation. Krish says it’s shocking, have you told anyone? Sandy says no. Krish says no one should know about it now let me consult someone. Sandy says after this exploded, Nandini and Shubham brought up the topic of division, it seems very weird. Krish says we will find the truth.

Here, Ishan asks Meera if she trusts him. Meera says yes. Sara says you are not a kid anymore, so you will have to be careful as Priya is going through a lot. Meera says but Shubham is not a kid and he hurt Ram so much, I can’t comfort Ram as I don’t share that relation with him. Pihu comes and asks about the meaning of division. Meera tries to avoid the topi when Pihu sticks to it. Priya says I will tell you. Meera says she is a kid. Priya takes the family sketch of Pihu and says see this is division and tears the sketch such that Nandini and Shubham are in one half and three of them in one part. Pihu says it’s wrong, Ram loves them too, doesn’t Nandini love us? Priya says it’s not always about love. Pihu asks who will Ram choose? Priya thinks Nandini is again doing the same thing making Ram select between the most difficult choices. Priya thinks maybe Meera can help Ram. They all go to sleep.

Ram is in the office and talks to his father’s picture thinking how with great difficulty he built this business, who can guide me? He gets a call from Pihu who asks him to come to meet him. Ram agrees. Priya and Pihu plan to make Meera and Ram meet. They see Meera come so they say how Pihu is hungry and Ram is still upset. Priya tries to tell Meera how she might be able to help Ram. Meera says he doesn’t like me anymore. Meera and Pihu go to the cafe to make Pihu eat something. Priya wishes for things to get solved by Meera guiding Ram.

Here, Vedika and Nandini are together. Vedika says I came to meet you, as everyone is trying to frame me for doll house as it is with Krish. Nandini is worried and thinks if Krish gets to know then Ram will hate me and everything will be destroyed. Nandini says I can reach Ram’s money through his love but if this happens. Vedika says you need to stop it. Nandini says Ram loves Pihu and he can go to any extent, first we need to know what Ram and Priya will do. Nandini calls Shubham. Outside the cafe, Pihu and Priya ask Meera to go inside the cafe where Ram is there. Meera denies but Pihu requests her. Meera goes. Ram is shocked to see her. Meera says I am here to help a son. Ram says I am going. Meera says kids get upset from mother, you can always express your anger. Ram says I have been cheated. Meera says I know, I lied unknowingly, I could have gone to you but I didn’t, you always considered me a mom but I didn’t fulfill it from my end. Ram says you destroyed me, everything went wrong because of you.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sandy blames Shubham and scolds him. Nandini decides to destroy Ram’s family.

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