Sundari 27th October 2022 Written Update: Karthick regrets his mistakes

Sundari 27th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malini asks Karthick to change his dress. He leaves from there. Sundari consoles Mallika and assures her that nothing will happen to her. Meanwhile, Doctor checks the reports of Anu. The Nurse asks her what happened? She tells her it’s emergency situation. Kartick asks the doctor what’s the test result? The Doctor says to him that baby not showing any movements. Baby doesn’t have heart beats too. It’s better to take the baby out immediately or else Anu’s life will be in danger. Everyone gets devasred hearing it. Karthick goes to washroom and slaps himself. He blames himself for Anu’s state. He regrets his mistakes.

Krishna consoles Mallika. She shares with him that she isn’t able to imagine how Anu will react after hear this news. She isn’t able to accept this truth. Murugan asks her what happened? Malini informs him that Anu’s baby doesn’t have movement. The Doctor asks them to go for surgery. If they fail to take baby out then Anu’s life will be in danger. Lakshmi asks god why is she punishing her like this? Karthick comes there devastated. He lays on Sundari’s lap surprising everyone. Murugan noticed him and asks them what happened to him? Krishna says to him that he was already sick. Anu’s health condition made him like this. He isn’t feeling better after hearing that news. He asks Krishna to call the doctor. He wants to talk with her about her health.

Later, Murugan meets the doctor. She asks him shall she arrange the operation theatre. Let’s take baby out asap. Murugan says to her that he is here to inquire about Anu’s health. The doctor informs him that nothing is there to discusss. Baby already doesn’t have movements and heart beats too. It’s emergency situation. They might act fast in such situation. Murugan assures her to take her family members permission to perform the operation. She tells him that her husband sign important. He nods with her. Krishna about to interrupt him but Murugan takes him from there.

Later, Sundari reached to temple. She asks god why is she punishing her like this? Savithri fights with that Yamadharma lord to bring back her husband alive. But she is here not for her husband but to save his baby and wife. If something happen to her then it will affect Mallika and Sundari. She is aware who did mistake here. She asks god to don’t punish her. If something happen to her then she won’t be alive. Sundari faints there. Meanwhile, Lakshmi consoles Mallika there. Murugan comes there and informs them that Anu is in this state because of her husband. Karthick sign for her test. Now he wants to sign in this form to do this surgery. He asks Mallika to give permission to her. He adds that Anu’s life is important than anything. If she come back alive then she is able to give birth to another child. Let sacrifice that baby to save Anu. Mallika is hesitating to give permission to him. Kartick leaves to sign in the form.

Karthick asks the doctor to give the form he will sign in it. But she wants to give guarantee for his wife and baby. They wants to come back alive. The doctor says to him it’s impossible to give assurance to them. She will try her best. Murugan comes there and asks her to perform the surgery. Karthick will sign in it. The doctor tells him that she will try her best.

Episode end