Saavi Ki Savaari 31st August 2022 Written Update: Sonam tries to impress Nityam

Saavi Ki Sawaari 31st August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi’s mother introduces her family to Vedika. Dada misunderstands Saavi as Sonam. Ratna clears his misunderstanding. Saavi goes to bring Sonam. Saavi’s mother asks Nityam to come inside. Nityam takes her blessings. He tells her to drop honorific. She gets surprised hearing him. Saavi asks Sonam that if the latter is comfortable in this dress. Sonam asks her to bring safety pin. She tells herself that she has to wear traditional to impress Nityam. She hope that no one talks about horoscope. Saavi returns and gives safety pin to her.

Meanwhile, Vedika introduces her family to Saavi’s family. Ratna screams Sonam’s name which shocks everyone. Saavi hope that right thing only happens. Sonam comes downstairs. She sits beside Vedika. Ratna praises Sonam’s personality. Vedika tells Sonam that she was worried that she will find perfect match for Nityam’s horoscope or not. But she found Sonam easily. Sonam says that she want to say something. Vedika nods at her. Sonam says that they are here because her horoscope matched with Nityam’s horoscope. But now it’s important to match their thoughts.

Saavi’s mother apologizes to Vedika on behalf of Sonam. Vedika tells her that Sonam is right. She says that Nityam also thinks like Sonam only. Sonam says that she talked so much. She asks Nityam that if he won’t say anything. Ratna asks her that how can Nityam speak in front of everyone. She tells her to take Nityam out. Sonam and Nityam goes out. Ratna praises their jodi.

Nityam tells Sonam that he wanted to cancel this meeting after meeting Saavi. Sonam tells her that Saavi is jealous of her. She apologizes to him on behalf of Saavi. He notices Shivam’s call on her phone. He tells about the call to her. She lies to him that, that’s her girl friend’s name. She says that she can talk to her later. They goes for a ride.

Ratna shows house tour to Vedika. Mama tells Dada and Dadi that they can’t match their status. Dada says that money don’t matters. Dimpy says that they don’t have any expectations from his family. Saavi reveals that her family status is more bad than this. She says that they prepared all this for them. Sonam recalls that how she collected news about Nityam to impress him. She tells him about her favourite coffee shop. He moves aside to pick a business call. She learns that Shivam coming to the coffee shop to meet her.

Saavi tells her mother that she told all the truth to Nityam’s family. She says that they need not to hide anything. She adds that they should not begin any relationship with lies. Vedika hears everything. She praises Saavi. She asks her that if the latter is also doing any course like Sonam. Saavi tells her that she rides auto. Vedika smiles hearing her. Sonam tells Nityam that they should return to house. Saavi tells Vedika that why she started working. She says that she is so proud of her work. She adds that, that’s her father auto so she feels like her father’s blessings are with her.

Episode ends.

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