SaiRat FF| Unexpected Love: Chapter 13

Virat with broken voice tells her “Yes. It is very terrible Pakhi. Everything we planned got against us. We planned to snatch her offer to study in Dubai so that I can take her place and get a chance to come to dubai and spend time with you. We planned to get her married so that she can never go forward in het studies and created fights between her and Bhuvana aunty but something we didn’t expect happened there and now our plan back fired in a way we can’t get out of it. I don’t know what to do now Pakhi” Pakhi who is hearing his words from the other side got scared knowing that their plan backfired. The moment she heard that their plan back fired, she knows Sai would have done this intentionally. She knows Sai more than anyone in this world knows her. Sai is not only good at everything but she also has that wicked side to her which can make the cunning of cunning people fail in their plans. Don’t know but she thinks virat would have done something that made Sai know about their plan. She knows if Sai knows everything about the plan then she would have done something till now to punish everyone involved as Sai can take anything but never a betrayal. Sai is not too good to bad people to spare them and forgive for their mistakes. She punishes people for their mistakes instead.

Sai has once become a fool in his love hence she thought she can beat her but now listening to virat, she is sure something unpleasant happened. Even though she is scared of Sai that she will definitely do something terrible but then she is determined to make Sai lose in her life and lose infront of her and for that she should listen to virat and know what actually happened there.

“Don’t worry about anything virat. Just be strong and tell me what actually happened in the wedding. Don’t worry I won’t be upset or broken. I will definitely make sure to bring you out of this problem. Just trust me Virat” Pakhi tells him desperately wanting to know what actually happened there.

Virat who is listening to her talk soo desperately to him wanting to know what happened and promising to help him thought that she is worried for him and loves him more than anyone to the point that she is ready to do anything to bring him out of this problem. Virat feels glad to have her in his life and thanks God for bringing her into his life. Virat remembers how his father warned him and how Sai kissed him on the wedding and felt immense love for pakhi as she is the only one who is not forcing him into doing something which he may doesn’t like. Virat kisses her on the phone and thanks her.

Virat says feeling happy “Thank You pakhi. Thank you for coming into my life. You are the only one who loves and understands me more than anyone in this world. No one understands me like you do and no one cares for me like you do to me pakhi. I am lucky to have you in my life baby. Thank You. Thank You and I love you more than anyone in this world”

Pakhi listening him rolls her eyes. Here she is curious to know what happened there and here he is desperately confessing his so called love as if he cares. She soo don’t want to say I don’t care but then she is not a fool to do so and lose her strong weapon. His immense love for her will help her in hurting Sai and getting all his property. If she marries him she can be the queen and live her life the way she wants with her so called husband who listens to everything she says and follows her everywhere like a dog.

Pakhi says in a fake loving and sweet tone “I know baby. I know how much you love me and I love you the most in this World. You are my reason to live”

Virat replies “I know.. I know pakhi and that is what keeping me strong from yesterday”

Pakhi says from the other side rolling her eyes “Now tell me what happened so that I can think of a way to help virat” Virat starts telling her.

To Be Continued..

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