Sanjivani 2 13th September 2019 written update:- Ishaani and Sid share some moments in a locked room and Sid pacifies Ishaani

The episode starts with Sid and Ishaani leaving to Neil’s father’s home. Security doesn’t allow them but Sid manages the situation. Rain starts pouring and they run into the house. They find the whole house decorated for Neil’s birthday and gets emotional. They start searching for medicine and Sid finds it. They find that he seems to have some airborne disease and they search for the reason. They find that it’s because of the coolant from ac which got leaked and it’s the reason for him having Pneumonia in lungs.

They take samples of it for the test. When they are about to leave they find the door locked from outside. They get tensed and to their bad luck, they couldn’t find a network in their mobile. Anjali meets Shashank and taunts him for not attending the opening ceremony. Shashank says that the luxury ward is just Vardhan’s plan and he’s fooling her. Anjali disagrees with him. Shashank says that he doesn’t want to participate in it and both get into an argument over Sanjivani and Juhi overhears it. Anjali blames Dr. Juhi once again and Shashank gets irked.

Ishaani blames Sid for their condition and Sid gets irked. He calls out for someone but Ishaani once again taunts him. He gets worried as they need to do the samples test on time to save Nil’s father. Ishaani gets worried for the same. They search for networks. Aasha advices Neil to let his father rest to get him stable for some time. Neil asks about Sid and everyone gets worried. Sid and Ishaani are stills searching for signal and Sid gets it but it leaves the next moment. Sid falls on bed defeated and Ishaani taunts him for it. He says that she has a problem with everything he does and they both argue. They end up with a pillow fight.

In between their fight, they discuss the posters and Ishaani’s complaint. In the meantime, Ishaani starts coughing and Sid helps her. He gets her water and she drinks it. He pacifies her back and Ishaani throws water on him for it. Sid gets furious and says that he’s not a cheap person. He scolds her and mentions about her childhood in-between the talks and Ishaani once again zones out. She gets reminded of her past. She gets reminded about how she’s ousted by her friends for her parent’s mistake.

Sid calls her and Ishaani says that she stays away from people so that people don’t push her away. Sid consoles her and Ishaani reveals about the insults she faced because of her parents. She expresses her pain and fear of him. Sid says none worry about her past and lifts her mood with his antics. He asks her to hug him and Ishaani stops him.

Rahil supports Sid and Aasha asks proof that Sid didn’t put up the posters. Rahil says that he will. Ishaani asks Sid to lift her to get signal and he does so. They share a romantic moment.

Precap: Sid introduces his mom in Ganpati Puja and Ishaani and everyone dances. Ishaani slaps someone.