Sanjivani 2 27th August 2019 written update:- Dr. Ishaani favors Dr. Sid and Dr. Juhi’s punishment for Dr. Ishaani.

The episode starts with Dr. Sid entering the hospital in nervous. He meets Dr. Rishab at the entrance who taunts him for his job. They both have an argument only to be interrupted by canteen kaka. Dr. Rishab leaves while Dr. Sid says kaka that he’ll miss his tea the most.

A confused Dr. Ishaani is about to sit in a table but Dr. Sid occupies it before she could. To his surprise, Ishaani sits in the same table opposite to Dr. Sid. He asks how come Goddess of Truth agreed to sit with him. She asks why did he do scam when he loves his job very much. Dr. Sid says for him people are more important than his job. He wants to serve people even if it meant the wrong ways. Dr. Ishaani looks wondered. He says that he’ll miss his vadapaav the most in this hospital while Dr. Ishaani gets bewildered. He asks her try to and she tries using a knife and fork but Dr. Sid feeds her with his own hands. They were called to the conference room from the microphone.

Everyone is seated in the conference call and Dr. Shashank and Dr. Juhi join them too. Vardhan plays the video while Dr. Ishaani stands confused. Vardhan asks Dr. Ishaani to give her statement. Dr. Ishaani gets reminded of all the good works of Dr. Sid and testifies in favor of him shocking him. She blames herself to create fake video due to her differences with Dr. Sid. Everyone including Vardhan gets shocked. Dr. Juhi steps forward to give her punishment to Dr. Ishaani being chief of Surgeon. She asks Dr. Ishaani to work teaming up with Dr. Sid as her punishment.

Dr. Shashank agrees with Dr. Juhi and apologies Dr. Sid on behalf of everyone. Dr. Ishaani sees Saniya from outside while Dr. Sid assures her that she’ll be fine. He asks the reason for her saving him. Dr. Ishaani says she didn’t save him for him but the people who love him and Dr. Shashank. She gives him a last warning to not repeat it but Dr. Sid says that doctors job is to save people. He also adds that he’ll break more rules if it’s needed to save someone lives. He hugs her while Dr. Ishaani gets germophobic attack and runs away. The nurse informs Dr. Sid informs about donor available for Neeti and Dr. Sid gets extreme happy.

Neeti’s husband brings an unconscious Neeti to the hospital while Dr. Sid admits her and proceeds for her surgery. Neeti’s kids sneak in to meet their mom and she gets overwhelmed. Dr. Ishaani dashes with Mr. Malhotra by mistake and he flirts with her infuriating her. She examines her eyes and asks him to first take care of his jaundice before flirting with her. Dr. Rishab arrives at the same time and apologies Mr. Malhotra on behalf of Dr. Ishaani. He says that he got a liver donor for him.

Dr. Sid examines Neeti and asks Dr. Aasha and Dr. Nikhil to do the necessary arrangements for the surgery. He then gets a call and gets shocked that the donor is not available now and the list is modified indicating that the liver is assigned from Neeti to Mr. Malhotra.

Precap: Dr. Sid begs Vardhan to assign the liver for Neeti but he turns deaf ears. Dr. Sid snatches the liver box from Dr. Ishaani and explains her about the necessity of it for Neeti to her. Dr. Ishaani stands confused.