Sanjog 26th October 2022 Written Update: Amrita tries to find Chanda

Sanjog 26th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Alok arresting Gauri and puts her inside the jail along with Gopal and his mother. Gauri keeps shouting at Amrita and determines to take her revenge from the latter. Amrita goes towards Gopal and tries to make him understand that she is doing betterment for his kids. She states that Heera and Panna will get good education and she will look after their studies. She tries to convince him to accept his crimes while he questions about Chanda. Amrita was about to reveal that the latter is her child but stops herself and assures that she will have a great future.

Here, Amrita assures Gopal that she will look after Chanda as her own kid. Gauri ask Gopal not to listen to Amrita and keeps shouting at the latter, while he stops Gauri and says that he can sacrifice anything for Chanda. He states that if Amrita will fulfill her promise about Chanda’s future then he is ready to bear the punishment for his crimes.

Gauri scolds Amrita for manipulating Gopal and proclaims that she will take her revenge from the latter. Amrita faces Gauri and ask her to stop her behavior. Whereas, the latter replies that her daughter Chanda will take her revenge in her absence. She proclaims that Amrita won’t be able to keep Chanda away from her family and challenges the latter.

Elsewhere, Alok tells Amrita that they need more proofs against Safa gang in order to keep them inside the jail for the lifetime. Amrita decides to help Alok while he determines to punish them for their crimes. Meanwhile, Amrita goes back to Kotharis house and sees Rajeev sitting along with Rajeshwari and Ranjini. She cooks up a story and tells that Gauri and her family left fue to health problem of her mother.

Rajeshwari gets worried that who will do the work, to which Ranjini proclaims that she will help Amrita in doing it. She then acts to get ill and says that she won’t be able to do much work, while Amrita worries about Chanda and goes to see her. The latter cries hearing about her family and says that she also wants to go with her father. Amrita tries to console her but gets unsuccessful.

Ahead, Amrita tells Chanda that she is also like her mother, to which the latter says that she only wants her family and prays in front of the God. Meanwhile, Tara complains to Amrita about not taking her to the fair while the latter consoles her and then ask her to help Chanda to overcome the grieve of her parents.

Chanda sleeps with Tara and sees a nightmare that Gopal comes to take her but Pradhaan and his goons attacked on him. Gopal fights with the goons but they fires a bullet on him and the latter falls unconscious. Chanda gets shocked and wakes up with a jerk. She starts crying while Tara throws her down from the bed. The latter keeps weeping for her father.

Further, Rajeev meets Tara and ask her to wake up for the school but she complains that Chanda didn’t let her sleep the whole night. He gets furious at Chanda and confronts the latter while she cries asking to meet her father. Amrita tries to control the situation and recalls the warning of Gauri.

Rajeev scolds Amrita for bringing Chanda and ask her to throw her away. Whereas, Tara speaks bad about Chanda’s father and the latter pushes her down in anger. Tara complains to Rajeev while he gets furious at Chanda and tries to find her but the latter runs away from the house. Amrita calls Alok bring worried about Chanda and says that she is missing.

The episode ends.

Episode starts with Gauri running away from the police while Amrita determines to find her. She stops Alok from firing at Gauri and states that she knows where the latter will go. She proclaims that the God is with them and then runs behind Gauri to catch her. Meanwhile, the latter keeps running away from the police and gets on the road. She stops a bike and threatens the guy with her knife. She makes him get down and steals his bike. She rides it away from there, while Amrita follows her in an autorickshaw. She gets worried and determines to save her daughters from Gauri.

Here, Gauri reaches Kotharis house and sees Rajeev coming out of the door. She hides and waits for him to leave. She proclaims that she can’t come in front of him orelse he will create more problems for her. Meanwhile, Amrita also reaches there and she also hides from Rajeev. She waits for him to leave while he gets inside his car and goes away from there.

Amrita rushes inside the house while Gauri also tries to get inside but Amrita catches her. Gauri gets hold of Amrita and starts beating her. She hits her head into the wall while Amrita winces in pain. She tries to fight back but Gauri wraps the tape on Amrita’s hands and legs. She states that the latter can’t even ask anyone for help and leaves her there.

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