Sanjog: Gauri to challenge Amrita!

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Zee Tv’s popular serial “Sanjog” is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story. Previously, Gauri made a deal with Amrita in exchange of Chanda. Whereas, the latter ployed against Safa gang along with Alok and got them arrested.

Meanwhile, Gauri ran away from the clutches of police but Amrita chased her and caught the latter after facing lots of difficulties. Gauri tried to kidnap Tara and Chanda but Amrita got successful in saving them.

In the current track, Alok arrested Gauri and appreciates Amrita for her bravery. He puts Safa gang into the jail, while Gauri determines to take her revenge from Amrita. She also warns the latter that Chanda won’t stay without her family and proclaims that Amrita’s wish to keep Chanda along with her won’t get fulfilled.

Here, Amrita talks to Gopal about the bright future of his kids and ask him to accept his crimes. She assures him that she will look after Chanda like her own daughter and proclaims to give her the best education, while Gauri ask him not to get influenced by Amrita’s words.

Gauri warns Gopal but he stops her and says that he is ready to sacrifice anything for Chanda. Meanwhile, Amrita lies to her family about the departure of Gauri and her family. Whereas, Ranjini gets happy after hearing about it.

Ahead, Chanda cries finding about her family and says that they left her. She demands to see her father while Amrita tries to console her. She assures that he will come to meet her soon and ask Tara to look after Chanda.

Tara gets irked by Chanda’s crying and throws her out of the bed. The latter sees a nightmare where Gopal got killed by the goons of Pradhaan. She prays to God for her family while Amrita feels bad for her.

Later, Tara speaks bad about Chanda’s father while the latter pushes her away. Tara complains to Rajeev about Chanda and he scolds the latter as well as ask Amrita to throw the latter out of the house. Meanwhile, Chanda runs away from Kotharis house, while Amrita shares her worry with Alok.

Now in the upcoming episode, Amrita will try to search for Chanda and cries upon not being able to find her. She will breakdown and prays to God for the wellbeing of her daughter. She will ask the God to protect her kid and insists to meet the latter. At that time she will hear Chanda’s cry and finds her slippers near the well. She will get scared and goes near the well and shouts Chanda’s name.

Will Amrita be able to find Chanda?

Will Amrita reveal the truth to Kotharis?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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