Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th June 2021 Written Update: Devesh hits Reema and makes her unconscious

Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Panditji calling the parents of the bride for the rituals. Avinash and Indu comes hesitatingly. Then Panditji asks him to give bride’s hand in groom’s hand, so Avinash gives Simar’s hand in Aarav’s hand and follows as the Panditji says. Panditji explains the importance of rituals to them.

Reema is roaming in the backside of the wedding hall but somebody is following her. Shobha taunts Chitra that where is her plans to defame Geetanjali Devi. Chitra is scared of Guptaji that how will he react if nothing will happen? Panditji calls Gagan for the rituals. Gagan comes and quietly tells Simar to not to worry he will fix everything.

Devesh hits Reema from back and she falls on the ground. He tells her that today she will see failure on both the places, she lost at the Miss India contest and now she won’t be able to attend her marriage. Meanwhile Vivaan comes from back when Devesh finds Vivaan at his back, he gets scared and leaves the metal plate from his hand with which he had hit Reema on her head.

Panditji explains how to do the Phera. Aditi tells Aarav to get ready to follow her wife. Badi Simar gives confidence to Chote Simar and asks her to complete the Phera. But Geetanjali Devi asks them to stop. She asks Panditji to tell them the importance of all the promises they make during the Phera ritual. Vivaan on the other hand saves Reema from Devesh and hits him. Devesh in anger tells him that Reema is a gold digger and aslo tells him that she went for Miss India contest and failed there and came back from there to marry his rich brother Aarav. But still Vivaan hits him and tries to make her conscious.

Devesh tells Vivaan that Reema spoiled her family dignity and also Oswal family dignity. He also tells Vivaan the truth and tells him that the master mind behind all these conspiracy is his mother, Chitra. But Vivaan hits him even more and don’t believe his words. But meanwhile Chitra calls on Devesh number, he shows it to Vivaan. Vivaan is in shock and regrets that why she has done all this conspiracy.

Panditji informs them that the Phera is completed now. Indu come to Avinash and tells him to join the ceremony but he says that he cannot pretend anymore. Indu cries and begs him to join the guests at the Mandap as her other daughter Roma is also married in that family too, so for the sake of her daughters she asks him to join them. Guptaji comes to Chitra in angry mood. Vivaan cries after knowing the truth about his mother.

The end

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