Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th September 2022 Written Update: Riyansh apologizes for his past deeds

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the romance between Reema and Vivaan. Reema says she has missed her selfless love for so long. Vivaan also expresses his love for him. Suddenly Simar enters to open the door. Then she apologizes for disturbing the two love birds. Vivaan says as Reema is now close to him, the romance will continue. Reema is asked by Simar and Vivaan to take Vivaan to her promised trip. But Reema can’t remember anything like that. She gets irritated not to remind anything. They think she might forget due to the mental harassment, and ignore the thing to lighten up.

Simar says there is a surprise and having arrangement for lunch. Reema says she is very hungry and having crave for Haluwa, Kheer, Puri etc. Simar gets surprised to listen her. Simar pretends to doubt that she can’t be Reema, and Vivaan also tells she can’t be Reema, as she always have been escaped from the foods for her restricted diet chart. They are amazed and shocked to listen the food chart of Reema. Reema says she is a normal girl who wants to enjoy family, food and love. They all together enjoy the moment and become ready for the holy function.

There is a hawan for grihashanti. Simar, Vivaan and Reema go to downstairs. Vivaan hold the hand of Reema to go there. Reema feels uneasy in her steps. Simar says that there is hawan for the grihashanti for them. Reema is thunderstrucked. She feels nervous and uncomfortable. Simar reminds her that today nabaratri is going to start, they should attend the hawan at first. Reema asks for the lunch, but Simar says that they should first join the hawan. Then Simar tries to hold the hand of Reema, but she feels that the palm of Reema has become very cold. Vivaan also perceives the numbness of Reema. She looks pale and trembling.

Badima thinks why other are not coming down. She goes to upstair and calls them to come. Gajendra and Giriraj also call them. Vivaan answers them. Vivaan takes Reema in the room, Simar is asked to stay with him and Vivaan goes for the juice. Simar asks Reema whether she is alright or not. Reema emphatically answers she is alright holding the hand of Simar tightly. Simar is getting hurt and asks Reema to free her. The fingertips of Reema make the mark of Simar’s hand. Reema pretends to be sick and sorry. Simar asks what’s happened with her, if there is anything secret. Reema says there is nothing to be hidden as Simar was also experienced same thing. Reema points out that as she was locked for many days, she is still confused with the present moments. Reema is trying to forget those things and promises that she will be alright if she would take some rest. She is okay. She apologizes for the absence in the hawan. She looks extremely uncomfortable with sound of the chants. Simar is asked to close the door, as she is having a headache. Simar looks doubtful but she closes the door.

Reema is asked to return in her place by the illusion of Mayakshi. The whole environment looks weird. She closes all the windows. Reema looks uncomfortable and scared. Suddenly Mayakshi comes inside. Seeing her, Reema is taken aback. Mayakshi says she has come to bring her back. Mayakshi takes her away and disappear both. Simar and Kavya both arrange for the hawan. Kavya looks uneasy to see Reyansh. Reyansh suddenly bows down and holds the feet of Simar. He asks the apolization for his past sin. He went in a wrong, now he understands his injustice, he now understand the importance of love, family and relationship.

Riyansh apologies to Simar for his misbehaviour and adds that he understands sacrifices of Simar for the family. He feels very bad for his past dids. He asks Simar to forgive him. He knees down in front of Simar and promises that from today he will try to be a good man. Simar holds him up and says that, firstly he should ask for forgiveness from Kavya. He accepts in front of everyone that Kavya is pregnent with his child. Everyone looks emotional. Riyansh asks Kavya to forgive him. Simar comes forward and holds Kavya and Riyansh together. Everyone looks very happy for both of them. Badima declares that this is the best Navaratri with tears in her eyes. Simar invites them together to start the pooja. Riyansh makes an eye contact with Chitra. Everyone starts doing pooja.

Mayakshi comes to Reema( Chaya) and asks her to come with her to Rudra. But Reema( Chaya) denies. Mayakshi threatenes her and opens the door of the room. As the sound of pooja and arti comes from outside Chaya starts feeling uneasy. She put her hands on her ear. Mayakshi reminds her that if Chaya is seeking love of Vivaan that she must forget him. Beacuse, Vivaan only loves Reema and Chaya is not Reema. Mayakshi starts provoking Chaya to come out of Reema’s body. Chaya starts feeling disturbed and uneasy.

Episode ends with Mayakshi’s provocation to Chaya. She keeps asking Chaya to leave Reema’ body and Chaya’s soul start splitting from Reema’s body.

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