Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th June 2022 Written Update: Everyone searches suitable girl for Riyansh

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Simar checking Riyansh’s social media profile and she finds a lots of female friends there and also Ishita. Kavya arrives at Oswal’s and gets collied with Riyansh. Riyansh flirts with her and leave for jogging. Simar calls someone to follow him and checks Riyansh’s actual where abouts. Then Chritra comes to Badima, spreading out the edge of her dopatta and asks for her right to choose a perfect girl for Riyansh. Badima looks astonished.

In the road Riyash calls Ishita. Ishita comes out to be a very glamorous beautiful girl. Riyansh asks her to leave the place as soon as possible and they both leave the place in her car.
Badima gets disgusted with Chitra’s conspiracy. She calls everyone of the Family to discuss the matter.

Almost everyone is present and Simar also joins them. Chitra argues with Badima that she has full right to choose the wife for Riyansh. Giriraj supports Badima’s decision.But Reema interferes that she will find the perfect wife to Riyansh as she is Riyansh’s own Sister-in-law. Simar tries to say something but Sandhya prohibited her. Chritra and Reema starts arguing . Chitra says she knows her son better than anyone. But Reema says She and Riyansh both has same glam choice and taste of fashion. They both openly challeges each other that she will be best for the job. Shandhya and Simar both agree that as Riyansh is the youngest member of the family so everyone has a full right to show their love and affection to him.

So, finally Gajendra, Giriraj , Sandhya, Simar,Araav and Vivaan all agree that both Chitra, Reema , Sandhya and Simar will find the wife for Riyansh. Badima gives a condition that both girls find by Chitra and Reema first have to meet Simar. Both Chitra and Reema strongly denies. They start saying that they don’t need any opinion from Simar. But Badima disagrees and finally says that if they want to find the girl for Riyansh they have to asks for Simar’s permission first. Chitra and Reema finally agree and leave the room.

Badima says all of male members of the family that she will join them in the office meeting and they also leave the room. Now there is only Badima , Sandhya and Simar in the room.Simar asks Badima that why she gave Chitra and Reema such condition. Badima says that she does not have any faith on both Chitra and Reema’s choice. She also adds Chitra will find none other than a rich girl and Reema will only go for the look and glam. Badima asks Simar to fullfill the duty she gave to her very carefully as she trusts Simar so much.

Riyansh meets a Ishita who insists him to meet. Riyansh tries to manage the situation. But Ishita becomes to irritated to hear that he can’t marry her now. He explains her that he belongs in a rigid family. Every family memeber is like supernatural power who controls every steps of him. But all their conversation are recorded in a mobile by a anonymous person.

Gagan becomes ill to overthink about Aaditi’s pregnancy. Aditi says him to cool down. Gagan’s father tells about the pain of delivery of a woman.

Meanwhile swayambar of Riyansh starts. Various girls are called to give the marriage interview. Reema, Chitra and Simar call many girls for the marriage competition. Aarav and Vivaan take an overview of the ceremony. They enjoy the event. Few are selected. One of them meets Riyansh. Riyansh starts to flirt with her and pretends he is interested on her.
Episode ends.

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