Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th October 2022 Written Update: Sadhwiji met with an accident

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the recovery of Aarav. When others are really taking the care of Aarav’s health, then Simar gets tensed to think about his condition. Others insists to show the video of his dare. Simar forbids to show and see it Aarav, for the pressure of others, Aarav shows the video in his mobile. When Aditi observes his kissing seen on the cheek of the statue, she confounds to see that the statue has engendered its life in the moment of kissing. When she yells to see that, others ignore her to think her immaturity.

Kavya informs Simar that Sadhwiji was calling Simar repeatedly for any urgency. In the midst of their conversation one boy informs that Sadhwiji has met an accident and becomes senseless in the outside. Everyone runs in the outside and sees that she is lying like dead in the midst of road. Simar can’t believe the condition of Sadhwiji in her own eyes. Reema and Simar both break down to listen the news of Sadhwij’s passing away.

Police informs that Sadhwiji called Simar for the last time. Simar and Reema confess that they have meet Sadhwiji in today’s morning. When Simar asks about the accident, police makes them known that it is not any natural death, or a simple accident. Sadhwiji was very tensed and vexed. Police informs that she tried to call Simar for the last time. Reema asks Simar to check the messages and Simar says that there is no message of her. Then she finds the voice mail of Sadhwiji but it was incomplete. When Sadhwiji tells about the original identity of the evil, the voice mail is stopped. Everyone gets nervous fearing that again evil might attack in their family.

Simar and Reema tellls about the death and accident of Sadhwiji, which is not an ordinary incident. Badima confounds to listen the news. How close Sadhwiji was, how caring she was for the Oswaal mansion, Badima starts to describe. Simar also supports her statement. Badima gets down to think the sinister situation which may attack their family. Badima is consoled and calmed down and asked to have the faith on Matarani. The both sister ask Badima to hold her breath as they have to fight with the evil. Badima says the believe them more than herself.

Aarav gets awaken dreaming of the statue. In the hallucination of the statue, Aarav starts to walk towards the basement, he doesn’t have any sense where he is going. Simar also awakes from the slumber. Not finding Aarav in the bed, she again starts to search him everywhere. Then suddenly she hears a sound from the basement. The sound of the musical instrument of the statue mesmorizes Aarav. But when she reaches in the basement, Simar doesn’t find him. Then a ceiling fan is attempted to harm Simar, but as soon as Reema comes in the basement, the ceiling fan stops hovering over head. When Simar returns in her room, she sees that Aarav is lying in her bed. Reema and Simar both try to pacify each other and Reema goes to hit the hack. When Simar goes the mobile of Aarav to see the video, it is already corrupted.
Episode ends.

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