Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th October 2022 Written Update: Simar fails to return the statue

Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the hawan of Oswal family, which is organised by Badima. Others get confounded to see the religious arrangement. Badima explains about the reason the hawan as she feels eerie in the whole environment. Others also adjoins their same feelings. Aditi reminds about today’s special function of vaiduj. Others also look excited to remember the day. When everyone talks about the gift, Aditi mentions about the statue. Aarav says in the midst of the conversation, that he starts to like the statue.

But Badima orders Aarav to return the gift in the shop. Aarav denies to do that. Simar also supports the statement of Badima she also felt something ominous after arriving the statue. She also confesses about the video and weird dream. Aarav consistently tries to make them understand the hidden beauty of the statue. Aditi also confesses about the weird looks when the statue got alive. Finally Badima asks Simar to drive away the statue.

Maharajji with the help of a servant, put the statue in the car. Aarav is asked to return in the shop. Aarav apologizes to the statue as he is compelled to return it. Suddenly Simar comes and listens his gibberish. Simar shows her jealousy as Aarav is inclined towards the statue. When Simar gets offended to see Aarav’s soft corner for the statue. Finally Simar is pacifed with sweet words and asked to sit on the car. When they reach in the shop, police informs them that the shopkeeper is murdered for unknown reason. The police says about how the face of the shopkeeper’s face for burn in the time of his death which looked unnatural.

Hearing this Simar realises about the similarities of the death between shopkeeper and Sadhwiji. She asks Aarav to return the statue. The police refuses to accept the statue, when Simar forces Aarav to leave it here, she expands her point that after arriving the structure, many ominous things start to happen. But Aarav emphasizes its art work and tells Simar to go back home.

Badima questions Gajendra whether Simar and Aarav return or not. He is asked to call Simar. After few minutes, Badima shows a weird shadow from behind and feels a jerk which fells her down from the stair. She rolls down from the stair and losts her sense. Others gets awestruck to see her falling and run towards her to help.

Simar asks a random man to take this statue, but he also refuses to take it. Suddenly Simar gets the call of the home and hears the news of the accident of Badima. As soon as she enters in the room of the Badima she looks nervous. Doctor has forbidden to be afraid them.
Aditi, Simar and Reema discuss about how Badima may fall from the stair. Later Simar sees the same burning sign in the hand of Badima. Aditi is asked about the reason, but she fails to answer any specific reason. Aditi is asked to bring the first aid box.

Suddenly Badima awakes from the sense, and Simar looks so happy. When Aditi searches the first aid box in the room of Simar, she mesmerizes to see the bangle of statue. She lost taking it in her hand. Meanwhile, after getting back the sense Simar is told a secret by Badima. She says there was a very sinister and ominous things behind the statue. Badima also shows her burning sign asks about the statue, then Simar confesses that she fails to return in the shop which again makes agitated Badima.
Episode ends.

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