Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th August 2022 Written Update: Ishita challenges Simar for the fashion show

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the announcement of Simar as she requests the men to leave the function for females. They are reluctant reluctant to go away. But Badima insists them. The ritual starts. Badima gifts something for her upcoming baby. One by one comes to whisper and blesses her.

Simar says to make sound with the Aditi’s bangles to know the presence of the baby. Gajendra Giriraj, Vivaan and Riyansh plan to enter secretly in the function. Vivaan gathers some courage to give the leadership them. Badima asks about Ishita’s make over and she confesses that she inspired this from the old portrait of Badima.

At first Badima doesn’t impressed but Simar convinces her to appreciate her efforts. Then Badima asks Ishita whether she knows the importance and significance of those make over. Ishita can tell every significance perfectly. She also says that she is trying to follow her rituals and traditions with her heart and soul. Chitra, Badima and Simar appreciate her efforts and courage. Ishita proposes to make a dance function. She goes to arrange the music system.

Gagan finds idea to enter with a backdoor in the hall. Everyone agrees to do that. But suddenly Badima appears and says to dance them as their punishment. They become very happy to do that. Simar, Aarav, Vivaan, Reema, Ishita and Riyansh start to dance. Later they insist to dance Aditi and Gagan with them.

Every Oswal member dances in their free will. Suddenly the phone of Ishita rings which is still connected with the Bluetooth speaker. Ishita condemns the oswal family culture and tradition. She also criticizes the age old concept. She makes fun of Aditi’s joker like make over. Everyone hears that. Riyansh and Chitra gets embarrassed. Badima gets furious.

After the reappearence of Ishita Badima rebukes Ishita for her preventive appearance. Ishita gets puzzled. Simar forbids Ishita not act with falsity. Simar makes her explain the difference between pretention and genuineness. Ishita disagrees to follow them and gives the logic to stand for herself.

She also disagrees to leave her fashion sense and Insults the dressing sense of age old Indian culture. Simar and Ishita continue to argue about the traditionalism and modernism. Ishita challenges Simar to adjust and adopt with her modern and fashionable culture.

Ishita proposes for a ramp show and invites to perticipate. Simar accepts her challenge. Badima gete tensed with Simar’s decision. Badima tells the tricks of Ishita. But Simar says she wants to prove right the Indian tradition, not to prove wrong Ishita. Simar asks the aid of Badima but she denies to do that. But others members of Oswaal family support Simar.
Episode ends.

Episode starts with Arav asking Simar to wear his favourite Indian dress for the occasion . Simar impresses Arav with she beautiful words. Arav kisses Simar on her forehead. She suddenly remember something she had missed. She hurriedly leaves the room.

As she is calling someone from the balcony , she saw Kavya on their main gate. She leaves to catch up Kavya.
Kavya calls Riyansh. Riyansh strictly denies to meet her but she tries to insist him. He cuts the call. Suddenly Ishita calls Riyansh from behind.

Kavya leaves. Simar tries to catch her but fails. Ishita asks Riyansh, who was on the phone call. Riyansh gets nervous. She snatches the phone from his hand and finds out,some gym trainer was calling.

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