Sasural Simar Ka 2 Weekly Update: Vivaan realises Reema’s truth.

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Colors TV newly launched show “Sasural Simar ka 2” has garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of it’s launch. The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging for the viewers. Will Oswal’s family accepts Simar as a new family member? It will be exciting to see how Simar wins over there hearts.

In previous week we have seen that Simar shares about her job with Sandhya. Vivaan tells to his parents that he is going to bring Reema back. Chitra starts pretending about her leg pain and stops Vivaan from going. Devesh is waiting in his car infront of Narayan house. Chitra calls him and informs that till now she managed to keep Vivaan away from Reema but for longer time she cannot. Aarav ask Simar not to inform anyone about her singing. He tells her that if Badi Ma will know then she knows the consequences. So not to inform anyone, Simar agrees to it. Aarav brings chocolate ice cream for Simar. They both enjoy the icecream. By mistake Aarav pour ice cream on Simar then she changes to his kurta.
Meanwhile Aditi come, Aarav shares with her his heartfelt feelings. Simar and Aarav both had tears in their eyes. Reema calls Vivaan but kept silent, Vivaan finds out it’s her. Reema then gets a call from Devesh, he tell her that he will take revenge from Vivaan as he had spoiled Devesh career.

Devesh offers Reema to come to Mumbai with him and they will together fulfill their dreams. Reema tells him that she is not interested in his offer. He then says that he will take revenge from Vivaan. Aditi elopes from Oswal residence and comes to Narayan house. Devesh sees her coming out of autorickshaw. Reema hears Devesh telling about Aditi. When Reema come down to check she finds Gagan and Aditi talking to each other. Simar ask Aarav to take their photos so that she want to keep all these memories with her. She tells to Aarav to find a job for Lalit in his office. Aarav says her that he cares about Lalit and he is his brother too. Devesh send Aditi’s pic to Chitra. She tells to everyone at Oswal residence that Aditi is missing. Reema catch Gagan and Reema together she explains them not to repeat her mistake, still Aditi is not ready to leave Gagan. Reema takes her and secretly leaves her at Oswal Mansion. Everyone is looking for Aditi, Geetanjali Devi is very furious. Aarav informs Geetanjali Devi about Aditi. Geetanjali Devi tells that she want to talk to her. When she come to see her, she find her muddy footprints on the floor, Geetanjali Devi doubts Aditi.

Geetanjali Devi doubt Aditi as she sees mud in her sandle. She decid to marry Aditi as soon as possible. Simar thank Reema for bringing Aditi home. Aarav console Vivaan. Reema makes Simar realise that Oswal family is not for them. Reema checks Vivaan sleeping, he hold her hand and Reema also sleep next to him. Gagan worries. Aarav tells Simar that nobody is happy. Vivaan is away from Reema. Aditi cannot get Gagan as Geetanjali Devi decid to marry her and also cannot stay together. Simar consoles him and tells him that if God wishes anything could happen. Reema wakes up and while leaving Vivaan she confesses her love for him. She find Devesh infront of her car. Aarav tells Simar to get ready for her first rehearsal at Yamini house. Devesh provokes her and inrage she confesses how she used Vivaan and wanted to take her revenge from Geetanjali Devi. Yet she tells that now she started loving Vivaan and ask Devesh to stay away from her. Devesh tells her about what Chitra did with her. Still Reema support her family. Devesh then hits on her head, she falls down.

Aarav tells to Sandhya that it’s Simar’s first rehearsal so they are going for it, she give her blessings to Simar. While Devesh hits Reema and puts her inside the car. Geetanjali Devi informs Gajender that for Aditi’s alliance people are coming today. She calls Aarav to attend meeting. Aarav ask Simar to wait in the car while he finishes the meeting and come. After the meeting gets over Geetanjali Devi doubts Aarav and warns him to come on time. Shobha ask Roma to prepre prasad for 50 people. Devesh shows Chitra Reema’s confession, she pays him and ask him to edit it. She ask him to disgrace Reema. Simar seed Reema’s dupatta she doubted about it, meanwhile Aarav come and ask her to sit in car as they are getting late. Simar and Aarav reaches Yamini house, when they are taking blessings from her Jogi clicks their picture. Vivaan come to Narayan house. Gagan inform him about Reema’s text. Geetanjali Devi welcomes Ranaji for Aditi’s alliance at their home. She introduces Ranaji to Aarav.

Ranaji ask Geetanjali Devi for sometime as he will discuss with his family. Geetanjali Devi ask Aarav where he went this morning, he is silent meanwhile Simar come with tea and saves Aarav from Badi Ma. Aarav then kisses on her hands. Sandhya doubts Aditi she says her that she as well as Geetanjali Devi knew that yesterday she went to meet Gagan that’s why Badi Ma had started looking for her alliance. Aditi opposes their decision and ask Sandhya to support her. Shobha didn’t print Roma’s name on the invitation card which made her feel bad. Lalit didn’t pick up Aarav’s phone. Simar give Aarav his favourite kurta as gift. Chitra tries to suggest Vivaan yet he is not ready to understand the. She shows him her confession. Devesh takes indescent pictures of Reema when she is unconscious. Simar checks Reema’s text yet she didn’t believe on it while Aarav explains Simar that this the reality of Reema. Ahead Vivaan hears their conversation and questions Aarav whether it’s true that Reema married him to take revenge from Aarav.

Vivaan ask the truth from Aarav, he tells him everything and tells that he always wanted him to know about Reema but he is not ready to listen. Simar tries to justify about Reema that she come to take revenge but Vivaan’s love changed her. Vivaan lose his strength and falls on the floor, Aarav and Simar holds him. Vivaan felt betrayed and cannot hold his emotions. Aarav cannot see Vivaan in this condition. Reema ask Devesh to untie her, still he keeps on taking her indecent pictures and tells her he will disgrace her. Simar tells to Vivaan that Reema is in danger and needs his help, Vivaan ignores her. Simar then shows text to Aarav and ask his help but Aarav also didn’t want to trust Reema so he also left. Simar then ask Gagan to seek police help. Roma argues with Lalit to get a job fast otherwise she will go back to her house, Lalit realises that Roma is right. Aarav findd Vivaan drinking alcohol, Aarav regrets that why didn’t he informed him before about Reema. Simar thinks everything will be fine when Reema will come back.

In the upcoming week we will see taht Simar is happy that Gagan finds Devesh address. Devesh feels cold sweat trickle down his neck as he finds Simar at his doorstep along with cops, Reema tied in rope tries to reach Simar.

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